Need help with my character

Hi all, Just like to start with how much I’m missing being in Anvil. With that said let me get straight to the point. My character is an old soldier who is still a very active archer/fighter, the problem is that have now have developed a problem with my feet! (so no running or even fast walking for me any more) so the question is can I get my points reset? Or do I have to either kill or retire my character? If it is one of the latter do I go out with a blaze of glory or retire gracefully like an old man? Hopefully this all makes sense to people I’m not great at this sort of thing.

Any help would be awesome!
Thanks for listening lol

Email PD and inform them of the changes to your physical capabilities and I’m pretty much positive they’ll let you respec.


Yup, drop them an email at and they’ll sort that out for you.


Not wanting to diminish anyone’s medical conditions, but have you considered whether “WITH COURAGE!!!” might be more fun? I don’t know you but I do know that as a player I would have a lot of fun going onto the battlefield knowing the character isn’t coming back. If you survive long enough then do a Boromir, call out and stop as many Orcs as you can, while the little hobbits scurry to the sentinel gate.

Up until a dozen people die trying to rescue you and you have to deal with years of guilt anyhow (Not me, im either really easy to rescue or its sooooo not happening :wink: )

Equally without knowing the condition though, its entirely possible to shoot without ever running if you keep an eye open to the field and snipe, works well with my bad knees and general lack of fitness making running sub optimal :smiley: