New American

Hey there! American here, not new to LARP, but interested in trying Empire when COVID calms down.

I’m interested in playing Imperial Orcs, Marches, or Dawn.

For the Orcs, I already have a kit for another game that meets the brief (would just need the appropriate mask). Marches/Dawn, I have a kit that would fit for a Beater of the Marches, or a yeofolk of Dawn.

Would anyone be willing to toss in their opinions on how new player friendly those groups are, what they’d be looking for to play interesting stories within those nations, and what I could look into for accommodations when eventually able to make it over,

Also, I have not been able to find rules on what is permissible for combat. I have a medical condition that makes me getting hit in the head a Bad Time For Me, so I was curious about that. Knowing the likelihood of headshots will definitely inform my character choice.

Additionally, I am part of the Empire Facebook group, is this forum or the FB a better place to get info?

Thanks in advance!


Hi. Welcome.

First things first. All the nations are friendly to new players. There aren’t l beginner or advanced nations. Though people describe playing an orc as hard mode due to needing to wear a mask all the time. But that’s about it.

Head shots are allowed. But they are the last target. So it should only be hot if there is no other option (like if you are peaking out behind a large shield with only it exposed) but you can wear a helmet and it’s a light touch game anyway. So very low risk of actual damage to your head or anywhere. Full combat rules can be found here: Combat - Empire

It’s also worth noting that 99% of combat happens off the main field through the sentinel gate. So you are hightly unlikely to get attacked unexpectedly. Anvil is very safe.

I can’t say much about marches or the orcs as I have no experience with them. But I’m sure someone else will be along before them. But I’ve played dawn for 3 year now. So aside from being the best (obvious bias showing). Pick dawn if you want to big bold and courageous. Stories in dawn are all about love and glory. About house rivalry and competition. About showing everyone just how damn great you are at what you do (whatever that may be) it’s bright and colourful and larger than life. Highest highs and the most tragic lows.

It’s knights in shining armour. This is in contrast with the marchers more grounded and common folk aspect approach.

Here is probably better for questions than the face book. But you can do both. Or there is the unofficial discord.

I hope that gives you a clue. I’m sure others will help out. And feel free to ask more

Hello and welcome!

All those nations are very friendly, and I suspect you could easily find a group in one of them happy to recruit you, or just to show you around. Dawn and the Marches are pretty big, so almost any character type would be able to carve out an interesting story, or fall into one :slight_smile: The Imperial Orcs and smaller but that means that any one person makes more of a difference.

Accomadations… there are several budget hotels in the area, reasonably close, who are (by now) used to the costumes going in and out all weekend; but between Silverstone motor racing circuit and us, they book up fast and in advance.

Unless you meant in-game accomadation, in which case your options are in or out of character. UNless you make some great friends before then you’d be willing to share a tent with, I’d suggest starting OOC. Plenty of space, any small tent, and the OOC camping areas aren’t too far from the IC areas.

As SMason has pointed out, head hits in this game are (a) usually as gentle as possible, (b) should only be as a last resort* and © occur on the combat field. There is also excellent first aid and medical provision on site, if the worst happens.

In 8 years of playing pretty combative characters (in Dawn), attending every battle I could, I think I’ve taken a handful of (nicely pulled) head-hits.

These forums and the FB pages for the nations etc work in parallel, feel free to ask in either venue. Have a check through the New Player sub-forum here, there’ve been a lot of questions answered which may be helpful.

*You may want to look here for “permissible in combat”

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