New Briefing Stuff

Ey up. I realised I’d put this on the Brass Coast facebook, and it’s now in the wiki updates, but for those of you who don’t obsessively f5 the Recent Changes page on the wiki, a heads up about two Brass Coast specific updates:

  • We’ve made some expansions and clarifications to Hakima and Magical Traditions that mostly revolve around changing the focus of Hakima from the tribe to the nation. This means a small change to kohan as well to make them a multi-tribal concept.

  • There’s now an actual Corsair page, that talks about corsair characters and groups.

  • I’ve added a few lines to the Funerals section mentioning Death and Fortune and linking to the dramaturgy sections about those characters. This is the least important bit - it’s just some storytelling hooks really.

I am very much planning to see if we can’t get a page up for kohan as well, but unfortunately I have a much weaker grasp of them than the Boss does so it’s trickier.

Thanks for your time