New Chapter Advice

Afternoon all

This event past was my first and to say I enjoyed it would be an understatement.

The friend I came with and a few more of us are going to be coming along to events next year and we are going to create a little chapter for ourselves.

So asking for some advice in things we should consider, things we should avoid, things we need to be credible and have fun, your wisdom is much appreciated!


Take a look at the prominent chapters page, it gives a good idea of what other chapters currently do.

As a minimum, I’d work out:

  • A group look, which can be as simple as a colour scheme

  • A group concept (Militant Stewards of the Dead, Scheming Autumn Mages, etc)

  • A chapter oath

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So! I think for any group, there are 3 questions that need to be asked. This is just what flowed through my mind - I hope it helps!

What is it?
So you’re a chapter - but what does that chapter do, and who is in it? Is it flooded with refugees from Reikos that never left? Is it heavily focuses on martial pursuits and made up of cataphracts?

Related are any goals the chapter has as a whole. Is it a group of Exclusionist Magisters looking to keep the corrupting influence of the Realms at bay? Is it full of farmers dedicated to Prosperity who want to fund the creation of a Great Work?

Why is it?
Chapters are generally named after their founder and the reason, circumstances or location of their creation. You don’t have to have all the details, but having an interesting story about how the chapter came to be can be a good source of roleplaying. Also, this is Highguard! The version of events your people tell doesn’t have be the exact truth, after all, especially if it inspires more virtuous actions this way.

Where is it?
Chapters typically have a chapterhouse. Where is yours - which territory, and which region? Has it always been there, or did it relocate at some point to escape trouble or to pursue a goal? Is it close to any location of note? How does it influence its surroundings and neighbours, and how do its surroundings and neighbours influence it?


Thanks both.

We are working to cover those off so its good to know we are in the right direction.

Any advice on what skills we need to have in a chapter for the most basic stuff, like getting involved in the political game and such?

So, the ‘political game’ covers a large variety of areas, very few of which actually need (game mechanical) skills.

Synod and Senate politics are highly interconnected in Highguard, and the important skills there are Having Opinions and Arguing About Stuff. It is strongly suggested to have at least some of your group have a congregation, as this gives them actual membership in the Synod, and therefore the ability to vote, both in the Synod, and for Highguard’s Senators.

Military Politics is enhanced by Knowing Your Stuff, Getting Stuck In, and Being Useful. It requires no skills whatsoever, although Military Unit ownership does lend a small amount of extra weight, and gives you the basic in route of working out where your Unit should be going this season. This is the area I am best placed to answer questions about.

Conclave requires the Magician skill. I’ll let someone who knows about Conclave talk about it.
Bourse requires being rich. Same.


Another point to having a MU in the group is that you can see what the orders are for all the armies when you sort your downtime. This is very useful if you have aspirations in this direction.

It’s often interesting, but I’ll admit I’m one of the keeners who writes down all the army orders. There are other sources of said information, and more in depth discussions are probably best obtained by befriending a general or two. (NB: Does not have to be your general. International links are big and clever.)

Tooting my own horn slightly, Barachel is quite involved in various parts of Highguard military politics and the weekend battles, and would love a chat if you are that way inclined.

What parts of the game interest you most? As others have said, politics is a very broad field in Empire.

I’m a Conclave type myself, so any magic questions, ask away.

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Well it looks like I am going to be the Exarch of our new little chapter, and we are aiming to do quite a bit of military stuff.

But obviously a mix so people can pick the parts of the game they want to interact with.

Yeah I think I would be, though my resource is a fleet atm.

Naval actions are also a thing, of course, especially this season with the raiding trip to Dubtraig. :slight_smile: