New character advice

so i’m looking for some advice with creating a new character.
what i have so far:

  • Name: Robin Threeoak

  • Nation: The Marches

  • Lineage: Human

  • Skills: Chirurgeon, Physick, Shield (+2 unused points)

  • Background: Lives near Ottery (Bregasland), just a few minutes off Odd’s Way. There are 3 big oaks in his herb garden (hence the name). Studied medicine at the Holberg University. served as a combat medic with the Strong Reeds for 3 years.

Okay, that’s an excellent start. Are you joining a group before play, or waiting till you hit the field (or going solo?).

You may want a quick look at what the Strong Reeds have been up to in recent times, for some war stories.

Personal resource? (ah yes, Herb Garden… planning on picking up Apothecary?)

You’ve avoided a frequent trap, of writing a novel of backstory which becomes mostly irrelevant the moment you hit play… :slight_smile:

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i will be going solo, but i’ll be looking to join a group when i hit the field.
I was thinking about picking up Apothecary, but i’m quite sure not sure yet.

Isn’t advise working more on the personality, remembering to put some quirky traits in there. For example, he might be an ardent bird spotter, but would die before willingly admitting this embarrassing past-time to his friends XD. Perhaps you might want to consider picking up one rank of endurance and another of fortitude if you fancy going out into the battle field too?
Good luck anyhow ^^

Good idea waiting to pick up apothecary - You can always nip to GOD ad add it mid-event if you find you need it.

But yeah, seems pretty straightforward. Nice touch with the Threeoaks, and I’ve no doubt you can turn that into a Lewd Joke if the situation requires it.

Have you Empired before? (Empored? Emp?.. I dunno)
If not, be sure to hit up the new player meetings before Time-In on Friday.

Normally I’d say ‘Have a goal in mind’, but if it is your 1st ever empire, It’s worth not overthinking it (Yeah i know, Larp messageboard Overthinking can’t be helped), and trying a bit of everything.

It’d be a decent Idea to have a chat with some Marchers before time-in aswell - Have a look for their Facebook group, or head over and offer to help put up some of their tents. There will be some traditions and usual things that the marchers do that might be interesting to you. I think their time-in meeting is called a ‘Muster’. Can be intresting to go, just to get an idea of what the leaders of the nation are on about and what sort of stuff is happening.
You’ll find that you have 0 idea whats going on politically (It’s complicated as), BUT you’ll be able to identify key people - Usually the ones who get up and speak, who might be able to help you further to get some fun stuff to do - They’ll also usually talk about the battle coming up and might even direct healers and such to a specific person.

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It will be my first time at Empire.
And i have already joined in the Marcher Facebook Group.

and almost anything could be turned into a Lewd Joke if you try hard enough… :wink:

Looks pretty good. It’s good that you seem to have got a firm grasp of your home’s geography (I always just say I live “near Hay” and hope nobody asks for directions). I hope you’ve also thought about what possessed a Bregaslander to go off to Holberg to study medicine, because that’s an interesting little detail that I hope you get to talk about. Something to be aware of is that a big majority of the marcher players who take the battlefield do so as part of the bill block. As a physick I understand why you’ve taken shield and that lugging a polearm around is not condusive to getting surgery done, but I thought it was worth making you aware of the current “norm” among marcher fighters (I also don’t take the field myself so take my words with a pinch of salt, and I’m pretty sure we have people who go exclusively as healers so I’m sure the generals will be happy you’re armed at all).

But yeah, overall that looks like some solid groundwork. Do you have any plans for what you’ll be doing outside of battle that you might want advice on?

i went to study medicine in Hollberg because off a sick sibling (i still need to add details there).

as for the shield, i was also thinking about grabbing a sword and maybe doing some skirmishing.
i would also very much enjoy NOT gitting hit with arrows :wink:
plus a shield makes a decent enough headrest for in field surgery

I mean, why go to learn medicine in Holberg specifically, rather than learning medicine from a local? It’s a hell of a trek from Bregasland to Holberg. Basically the entire width of the Empire. Does your character have a reason to hold the medical teachings of the League in particularly high esteem? Were they given a reason to distrust the down and dirty barber-surgery or weird witchy healing of the local Bregaslanders? Do they simply have connections in League who facilitated their study, where they might have had difficulty finding someone to teach them at home? Or were they convinced that only the doctors of Holberg could teach them to save their sibling? Or some other reason that a stranger didn’t come up with off the top of their head, maybe, if you want, no pressure.

Like I say, it’ll make interesting conversations if people ask about it, so it’s good to have answers ready.

You’ve got a good point there, i’ll have to think about it

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What kind of armour are you considering? Heavy armour will protect you from arrows and I’m sure someone would love to loan you a breastplate and greaves if you ask (old larpers often justify holding onto old kit by loaning out to newbies :smile: )

Here are the armour rules if you haven’t checked them out yet.

I was thinking a gambeson and padded coif, so light armour

A gambeson and cap is full light armour, and a really solid base for putting loaned armour over. Don’t let people convince you shields don’t exist in the Marches. They are rare and “I’m a lightly armoured physick” is a good reason to want an arrow-stopper.

That said, if you don’t already own a shield, I’d strongly advise weapon master instead. Your major defence is "Those folks ahead of me wearing Heavy, and Physick needs both hands free. Lots of marchers specifically bring and loan polearms on a “you break it, you replace it” basis.

Apothecary is not very useful unless you want to make it the centre of your game. Anyone with the Apothecary skill can make basic potions, and you can’t collaborate to do better things. Meaning you may as well just channel all your potion making through the lowest/most reliable bidder.

I’d recommend Hero. You’ll get an XP after your first event, so you can immediately buy Stay With Me, which is an amazing emergency tool for a Physick. Even better, there are loads of cheap magic items that let you do stuff with hero points.