New characters inheriting old character items

If a character dies in game, can you have a will for them that gives their items to your new character?

I think that that it would be bad form to do that directly .

However, you could will your items to a trusted friend and then have that person as a friend of your new character in your backstory.

Also, note that I don’t think wills have legal standing in Empire.

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Wills are covered in the wiki here:

There’s nothing to say you can’t leave your possessions to your next character but I agree with Wake that a lot of people would feel it was rather bad form.


The closest you could get would be something like this:

Player 1 is playing character A. A dies in a battle, and is brought back with all effects, dying in a suitably tragic manner surrounded by grieving friends. A has previously written a Will passing personal resource to the group leader, Q, until a suitable candidate can be found. Their equipment and effects is claimed by the group, the Silverwelds.
Player 1 starts another character, B, in the Silverwelds. Upon introduction, the group decides to pass A’s old resource to B, and also give B all of A’s equipment etc.

In this way B might “inherit” an upgraded personal resource, several magic items, cash, potions, whatever.

This is not, as I see it, cheating within the game. It is though, as noted above, going to be looked down on. What I suspect it will be seen as is:

Player 1 has started a new character identical to their old character, indicating a lack of imagination and creativity. They have removed the meaning from A’s death, and tried to shortcut the system to ensure they can die with minimal consequence. And for what? A pile of in-game items that probably meant a lot to A when they got them, and now mean little to B…

Here’s a way to do it that might look a little better.

Player 1, playing A, dies in battle as before, their resources divvied up as before. The Silverwelds use A’s equipment (magic items, weapons, etc). B is introduced and is played quite differently from A. They work hard to establish a new niche withing the group.

They are passed a certain amount of cash and useful potions etc as part of the group (maybe they came off A, maybe not). They might be formally presented with the phys-reps of A (let’s say a distinctive helmet and shield), to avoid Player 1 having to buy new props. This is flagged at every stage as “This was worn by another before me and I am wearing it to bring further honour to the group, in their memory…”

And maybe, in time, they might be deemed worthy to receive that upgraded resource of A (if it hasn’t passed to someone else). Maybe in time the Silverwelds either pass the older enchanted items of A on to B as the one best able to use them, or invest in getting some new, but identical enchantments done. Hopefully from a different artisan in a different way.

This would result in B having the same character items as A, but having earned them in play. Player 1 would still likely get comments of “your new character looks just like your old one”, but hopefully will have given enough time for this to pass.

TL:DR It can be done, it’s either a cheesy respawn or a lot of bother, I take the opportunity to try something new instead.


Wills are fine to give something like a Spoil of War or just an upgraded resource to someone in your group so the investment isn’t lost. I wouldn’t use them to give something to my new character though, it strikes me as against the spirit of the game. And anyway I try to take my characters in different directions each time, so the “fun tokens” for my last character won’t be as useful to my new one.


Thanks for the replies everybody. It’s not something I’m majorly considering, but it is nice to have the info