New Empire map available

New map! For the first time the superdetailed map is available as one big file with all the explored barbarian lands also on it.

Look out for:
New big hole in the middle!
New big hole full of meteorite and water near the top!
A LOT more ruins than there were before!
Some of the things players have built since the start of the game!
But mostly stuff we’ve ruined!

My favourite bit of this map version is currently the mammoth graveyards up in Otkodov. What’s yours?


\o/ Maaaaaps :smiley:

:open_mouth: that is beautiful. On the map related side of things, is it possible to get a map showing each territories border. Each region page shows it but there doesn’t seem to be the master copy on the Wiki. I have tried to collate them all together but its proving challenging.

Can try taking the detailed map and the region map and doubling them up in photoshop.

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I took the territory borders off the big map as they were visually confusing. The info is all there, just in different places. You’ve seen these?

I think there is a good argument for a big master map with the borders back on… however I’d probably want to only do it on a coloured version so they didn’t look like trods or roads or rivers so it might take me a while.


Well, I made a colour map, which looks lovely, and then realised that it won’t export in any web-image format. That must be why I abandoned the original colour map… I guess the difference between a 8Mb file and a 10Mb file is the point it all falls over.

So basically, I can print it as my printer accepts Illustrator files - but I can’t make it available online. Very frustrating.

(Before you ask, it’s nothing to do with my machine specs and is instead because the software itself only has 32 addresses in which to store temporary data when it’s writing the file I think. You’d think adobe would support larger file sizes but that has not been my experience…)

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Ah, fair dos. Would it be possible to get a copy of it?

Sorry no, I can’t make the editable file available. There are secret bits that I hide before exporting!

Don’t worry though, I’m going to look at ways of making the export work. I will try it with smaller artboards then stitch them back together in photoshop or something. A pain in the arse but unless someone’s going to buy me a better version of illustrator or change the PNG filetype parameters I think that’s my only option. :-/

Might it be due to the bitness of the software? Are you running a 32-bit version, and if so, is there a 64-bit version you can get instead?

Alternatively, can you export as a bitmap or something and then use a different program to convert to PNG?

(Disclaimer: I have no specialist knowledge of image formats, I’m just throwing ideas at the wall to see if anything sticks)

OOOH, Secret bits…
Que dodgy German accents and ways of forcing conversation.

Ask and ye shall be given!


Ooh, did my ideas help then?

Wow. :smiley:


No, I exported at a lower file res straight to png. I’ve put a lot of time into trying to fix the lack of memory issue before and it’s not really anything to do with my system (64bit) it’s baked into the software - at least my version of it, perhaps the very expensive newer ones don’t have this limit but I ain’t got them.

But at least I didn’t have to do it piecemeal, that would have sucked.


That’s awesome, thanks.

Oh my… that’s beautiful…

Excuse me while I spend the next hour looking at this gorgeous map