New Kit

Afternoon All :slight_smile:

So, with the winter here and 2014 approach on the horizon, am I the only one thinking about the updates to my kit?

Some of us are thinking about getting together some funds (and fabric and time) to start producing some emblems/wraps/shawls/badges/scarves/whatever for the School,

As for my own character I’m deciding between making something waterproof or making something cooler for the daytime (rather that my current selection of fleece lined everything).

How about the rest of you? :slight_smile: Anyone already started?

I’m holding out till Christmas to see what exciting random stuff my parents find for me :slight_smile:

I need new pants after mine got destroyed in Verushka. :smiley:

I am looking into little emblems for our group (maybe some kind of jewellery).

Plus i want a new coat :smiley:

looking at adding some more armour, jewellery, some sort of fancy hero belt and some more layers to the soft kit as I feel it’s very plain at the moment but I don’t want to obscure what I’ve already got. will have to think on the last one there.

I need to finish off some of the things I started last year. My burnoose needs finishing first and foremost.

I have bought a new outfit but it needs adjusting to ‘fat bastard’ size before I can wear it!!

I’m planning on making a circle skirt and tunic-y overdress out of a red & gold second-hand sari. :smiley:

Right now I’m trying to work out exactly how I want my pattern pieces to fit (and how many I need to make in order to get the shape I want), and then I still have to decide which parts of the sari to use - I really want to make use of the heavily decorated end, but I also want to make the dress symmetrical, which could be fiddly. I have other similarly styled plans for costume, but if I make it all out of the same sari there won’t be much in the way of contrasting colours, so some of the kit will have to wait until I get hold of a second sari.

I also discovered some really cheap organza in one of my favourite fabric shops, so I need to think of something to make out of it.

What do people think of waist coats or short coats, I’m trying to think of away to add more layers without hiding what I already got

I need to find something to keep me warm, I akso want more shiny things

Waistcoats are shiny - plenty of second hand ones in suitably colourful patterned fabrics. I have a couple in my kit, and they seem to suit the brass coast fine.