New Larper seeking a chapter


Completely new to Empire, and pretty new to Larp in general, but keen to give it a go and join the might of Highguard.

Keen to get involved with everything, reasonably fit and love fighting (have some mail, basic kit) so would be very interested from any chapters seeking new members.


You should have a look at the Highguard Facebook group and the list of Chapters, with their descriptions and contact details; … 4210306908

I don’t think there is an equivalent here on this forum but no doubt the eager recruiters will politely and virtuously descend upon you to convince you to join their ranks!

For what it is worth, if you want to play a lineaged Highborn - especially Draughir - you might think of our group the Suns of Couros. However we have an IC recruitment if we don’t know you OOC policy that might put you off. We are a nice and fun bunch of people, even if we are mainly the IC creepy draughir in the corner.

Thanks, been waiting for my group request to be accepted!

Have you now got on or do you want me to pester the admins?

OC: Henry Who Hates Forums

IC: Brother Jared of the Suns of Couros Chapter, Highguard; Steward of the Dead, Magister of Winter, Cardinal of the Path of Loyalty

Grateful if you could pester!

All applications for the Highguard facebook group have been approved.