New Navar character

After much contemplation I have decided to make my character a member of Navar as I want to be a part of the fights and love that Navar are a very much skirmish nation, run in and decimate lines and support, I know at the very least I want to become a chirurgeon to be able to stop people from dying on the the battlefield, which I will explain through my backstory, however past that because I have never larped before I want to leave my skills open to be able to invest in what I enjoy when being there, I am working on the costume now however when it comes to weapons I know you have to invest in skills to use specific weapons but i’m not planning to buy my weapon until when im at E1 this year to see what I prefer, can I use any weapon without the skills but invest in them at empire or after?

Also are there any Navar groups out there to say hi to or a Facebook group so i can chat to a few people before I get there as I am going by myself?

Here’s the FB page for Navarr (if it doesn’t work, search on FB for Empire LRP: Navarr). They may well want to recruit you for one group or another :slight_smile:

You don’t have to spend any xp at the start, and Chirugeon is a nice cheap 1 point starter. You are able to use any 1 handed melee weapon for free. And wear any amount of armour for free.

For Chirugeon I can reccomend dropping by Boots pharmacy and picking up some cheap bandages. Because bandages make a very good prop for bandages. A large pouch of some sort to carry them on your belt is a nice easy piece of kit to make or buy.

Re the weapons, it’s perfectly reasonable to use a sword/axe/mace/whatever and a buckler with no extra skill spend. Using a larger shield, or any sort of spear, or any two-hander, will cost you points.

As a new player, I suspect that if you show up at GOD as a new player, having fallen in love with that awesome spear and having only spent a couple of XP, they’ll let you buy “Weapon Master” in play.

Alternitively, you could stick with your basic weapons for the first event, and then spend XP during the downtime before the following event, once you’ve decided what (if any) skills you want.

You may also find that some of the Heroic skills (“Stay With Me” and “Get It Together”) work well with Chirugeon. Have you considered Physick?

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Thanks for the reply I have thought of physick but being a heafty 3 point skill I want to be sure if i want to go down that line, the chirugeon thing is part of my back story and I love the idea of being a healer who at the moment has limited knowlage but can pick people up but yer ill keep working on it until E1 :slight_smile:

Chirurgeon is great fun. You can heal people any way you like, waving your hands over their aura, stitching them up and or applying bandages.

Cheapest way to get bandages if you want them is to find a sheet in a charity shop and rip it up. Accept that once applies your bandages are going to wander off back to the battle and you are not likely to see many of them again!

Clay modelling tools make good surgery tools and generally are safer for you to fall on if they’re in your pocket in the middle of the battle than actual metal tools.

You can definitely go to GOD at any point in the weekend use the player computers to spend XP on your character if you haven’t spent it all. You are also welcome to spend all your points and if you find that this sin’t producing the sort of game you want PD are very good about allowing new players to make alterations if needed. (Or of course you can go and do something heroically stupid, die and start again if that’s more fun!)

If you decide to spend no XP at all (Just pick a name and nation for your character only) then you can use the apprentice ability, which lets you ‘borrow’ someone else’s skill to try things out.
This would include both chirurgeon skills, and physik if you wanted to have a go before committing your character.