New peoples

Hey everyone. Was wondering if any fellow newbies are looking to team up?

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I’ve seen you post a few times. I thought I would say something so you know you aren’t being ignored. You may find that there aren’t too many new people on just yet. There is still 4 months until the event and so most people are probably not getting ready yet. With Christmas coming up as well, I think people will be rushing around worrying about that.

I’m still newish, I’ve been to three events so far. The first one I went with a friend. I found it fairly scary but really all you need is one person to make things easier and then that isn’t a must. Most people are friendly at empire and will be willing to accept you. You will almost certainly find people to team up with there so don’t worry.

Basically, don’t feel like you have to come with a massive group to make sure you have things to do and people to talk to, on my first event, I got to talk to many kinds of people, from newer players to establish players and arch mages. I’m not completely sure but I think I may have spoken to the empress (It was the broken wheel, which is the time the brass coast go a bit crazy, but I think the shenanigans were around getting her into the camp rather than pretending to be her).

My point is, that is what anvil (the place empire is set) is like. Unlike the real world you can talk to almost anyone. You can sit down with a family that have nothing to their name (in game) and spend the evening talking and laughing, you can wonder into the hall of worlds (if you are a mage) and talk to a super powerful, immortal entity.

I hope you find some people to team up with, but if you don’t, then don’t worry. If you have any more questions just ask and welcome to larp. Just out of curiosity, which nation are you?

Indeed. Also, there is substantial traffic on the relevant Facebook groups as well.

(there’s one fore each nation, a general froth board, an official PD one, and a New Players group, at least)

There is also a Millitry matters page. Its only really for people who have an interest in that part of the game and is very OoC. Its more about trying to figure out the mechanics.

Also what nation have you joined/looking at joining?

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Do you have a link to the military matters page by chance?

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Ill pop it up later when I’m not at work.

I’m a new player, and I’m hoping to go to E3 2019