New player, a slightly older LARPer

Hi all, I am a new (read never) player. I came across this quirky business whilst looking at something completely different. I always thought it was a bunch of people in a field, belting each other with foam swords. I had no idea of the depths this went into, the economy with its own currency etc… amazing.

I am a colossal nerd, I love Sci-fi, fantasy and dressing up, er I mean not that sort of fantasy dressing up, well you lot know what I mean. I guess I already do some basic LARP with my airsoft hobby, just not quite as in depth.

I am drawn to the archery in LARP as, well I am a traditional archer, so the transition seems natural. I can make my own arrows (I probably have over 100 arrow shafts sat here at the moment) and I assume this is ok to do?

I live in the New Forest on the South Coast and I look forward to meeting all you other like minded nerds.



Hi and welcome. Archery is a thing, but it is very tightly controlled. For starters its an expensive skill to purchase to use. (4pts of your starting 8pts).
2ndly it is the most dangerous of the larp styles of combat.
I am unsure on making your own arrows as they need to be built to a certain standard and with a specific method.

cover the rules over general weapon safety and specific arrow safety. If you can make an arrow to this standard, i would suggest making one, and then cutting the head in half to show the weapon checkers how it was done. Archery in theory is awesome, but there is more going on safety wise than any other aspect of empire.

I hate to throw the walls of text at you, but I want to make sure you understand what you are getting into. Also, what nation are you considering?

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Many thanks Mr Haystacks, the reply is most welcome. I shall have a read of the links. I would be using LARP heads from the same places that sell whole arrows but it is something to think about for sure; the last thing I want to do is injure someone.

I am considering the Navar as I like the woodsman sort of vibe I get from the Nation.

Very cool. I would suggest, if you haven’t already, joining the facebook group.

I am a Leaguer so my nation is about as opposite of the “Trod Stompers” as possible. Poke your head in there and and say hello. What event are you planning on going to?

Edit: one thing to note is that only certain heads can be used. Its all in the pages I linked.

I would never advise making LARP arrows. They are probably the most dangerous part of LARP and I’ve seen some nasty injuries from proper LARP arrows, nevermind the thought of scratch-made ones. Please buy a few proper examples and see how they’re constructed.

In addition, please don’t bring your usual bow; LARP bows are special low-poundage bows.

I would also advise taking some lessons from a seasoned LARP archer; they have specific rules about draw, aim and distance to lessen injuries.

I’m not trying to be intentionally negative; I’m just someone who likes monstering and doesn’t want to end up with an arrow through my face!

I have been reading up on the archery rules, you do make a good point, Thresher. I of course would not use my proper bows, they vary from a 50# recurve to a 120# war bow.

The construction seems very basic. Buy sectioned LARP heads and ensure the arrow is blunted under it.
I am costing it up at the moment and although I can get arrow shafts for £1.20 each, the tarp specific parts are not cheap. It works out almost as cheap to buy a pre-made LARP arrow.

You will need to factor replacements into your budgetting also

Unfortunately unlike most other larp weapons they do of course end up on the floor and therefore can be stepped on, so you will lose a few, because as much as everyone tries to avoid them on the floor battlefields are chaotic and you can’t watch your feet.

Yeah I bet they get damaged. I figure you could easily loose around 6 per event.

Some events are worse than others, depends how busy the battle was, weather, thick undergrowth and the rest.

Empire doesn’t seem to be any worse than any other system, and if you mark both fletching and heads of your arrows (your player ID is a good option) at least if only half comes back you’re not still looking for one.

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I would in all likelihood, crest my arrows for identification purposes.

Cool, sounds like you have a handle on the practicalities of archery as you do it already and things like adding markings and crests on arrows are very wise as all the retrieved arrows from the battle get put in a big barrel in GOD.

You can pick up kits for arrow heads online and from traders, like Quiverstock who are trading at the next event. But it might be worth picking up some fully made up arrows first and having a good chat with the Weapons Checkers (normally in Wintermark near the Sentinel Gate) about things to keep a eye on when making your own arrows so you know the hoops you’ll need to jump through and the common errors.


Top tips again. Thanks for that, I am thinking I’ll buy my first dozen pre-made and perhaps look at manufacturing more as required. Making arrows is very therapeutic.


The Marches are another Iconic Archer nation.
Billmen and archers are our bread and butter.
Another Beater is always more than welcome, all the moreso if they can Really shoot. :slight_smile: