New player - a thousand questions


Myself and a few others are considering joining next year and I have some questions and clarifications I was hoping someone could answer for me. I am hoping this is an appropriate place to ask these questions, please yell at me of its not.

  • We were considering starting a Brass Coast “Family”. Are we allowed to just create a new group, and does it need to be registered or set up somewhere first?

  • More a Brass Coast specific follow on. If we need start a new family, could we appoint our own Dhomiro?

  • If we did make a new family, would it make sense for us all to be from the same territory?

  • If I was playing someone with the magician skill, am I not allowed to wear armour until I get the battlemage skill?

  • Im reading in a lot of places that you dont have to pick all your skills/spells/etc until you are actually at an event. Do you then just register them at GOD or something or is it a trust system?

  • If I chose a specific personal resource, is there opportunitys to buy/acquire the other resources such as crystalised mana.

  • Is politics particularly easy to get into?

  • I know that to craft you must take resources to the crafting tent. Is it just an instant exchange or do you need to wait for your item to be crafted?

  • Can lots of the stuff you need/want (armour/weapons) available to by at the event, and are there shops/products geared towards the different nations?

That is all I can think of for now, but im confident I will come up with more. Thank you!

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Simple answers:

Yes as part of your character creation you can create a group too, and then ask everyone who is joining to add themselves.
Yes, your choice of group leader and the in character leader does not have to be the real life organiser either if you don’t want.
probably - it does mean anything that affects your territory would affect all of you which makes it a little easier to understand how you’re going to react but you don’t have to. (My group has diversified for story reasons).
You can wear armour but if you do you can’t do magic in it. There are people who are ritual mages in Anvil but fully tanked fighters on the battlefield. The other benefit to Battle mage is the ability to use a staff to cast your spells, when you’re a squishy mage being able to act from 6 ft away is not a bad benefit!!
There are player computers in GOD for you to spend XP (Or look up stuff) or you can ask someone at GOD to add it to your character build. If you want to do a ritual or use a skill that requires registering the actions on the computer system then the skill must be in place first.
Yes trading is a big part of some people’s games, prices fluctuate depending on demand, trading as a group and polling your resources usually helps.
As with any part of the game it depends how much time and effort you put in. offering to help the current holder of the position you are interested in is usually a good way of starting, they probably have far too much to do, and you get your name and face in the right circles. If that doesn’t work for you, offering to help at the Imperial Offices can be another way in, and you get paid for making a report of a meeting, finding the right person or getting the answers to questions.
Crafting is done in downtime. At the end of the event you bank the materials you need to make your item in the GOD tent before 5pm on Sunday. Then when downtime opens usually a couple of weeks later you log into your account and confirm what your character is making over the 3 months character time between events. Then the next event you make it to the ribbons for your crafted items will be in your player pack. NB you only get downtime for events you attend so if you miss one the ribbons just wait for the next event you attend, you can’t make more stuff.
Lots and lots of traders, with stuff suitable for all nations at each event. Shopping can take half a day easily if you go round everything.

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Thank you so much! I definetly will if anything else comes up!

thank you so much for going into detail about the specifics!

Hi Ollie.
Welcome to the forums!
I have just this last one done the exact same as yourself and joined up, chosen the brass coast etc and made myself n the group introductions.
@Kai_G has already given you the perfect answers to your questions :smiley:
Myself, I created a Family for my reenactment group to all sign up to, we haven’t yet selected a Dhomiro but we’ll no doubt select one during our next gathering together.

The only advice I can give is drill that Wiki for all the info you want. (I find the search function most useful) If there isn’t a clear answer to your ponderings, ask! I joined the FBook group earlier today and have had a flood of responses so far already which I’ll be responding too later this eve.

Honestly, so far? Everyone’s been really welcoming and helpful :slight_smile: it also seems the brass coast is having an influx this year too :star_struck:

Good luck, enjoy, have fun and no doubt see you at Anvil!

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At least 1 or 2 (depending whomst I can rope into this lol) will be reenactment goers too. I have spent the better parts of my waking days on the wiki! Seems very exciting!

It looks like a lot of fun and I am definitely looking forward to joining Brass Coast!

I hope ill see you there at somepoint too!

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Ollie, welcome to the game and the forums. As you can see, we’re a friendly chatty bunch.

I think most of your questions have been answered, but if you want more details about artisan crafting or resource trading, I can likely help.

The Brass Coast may well be getting an influx: good, they deserve it. Most colourful, one of the friendliest, and certainly the last time I saw them, turning around a run of poor performances on the battlefield.

I’ll warn you, they’re in a tight spot in the setting and story at the moment… which is good for backstories :slight_smile:


Oooh what sort of tight spots?

I believe this is in relation to the loss of Feroz to the blasted Orcs.

I’ve written that into the groups back story :smiley:

Some years ago (in play) the Empire finally pushed out the last of the Lasambrian Orcs (orange) from the Brass Coast regions. Some joined the Imperial Orcs, some fled to the Iron Confederacy (who squished them) and many fled to the Jotun Orcs (red) to the west. Where they integrated, made friends, and when the Jotun tribes surged east, led their new allies back down into the Brass Coast for revenge and…other reasons…

Additonally, the Brass Coast holds the west side of the Bay of Catazzar, and thus faces off against the Grendel Orcs (purple). Having been rebuffed from Spiral on the east side of the bay, and having crushed the lone Imperial Navy (alas for the Freeborn Storm…) the Grendel launched a war of conquest on the Brass Coast instead… resulting in the loss of a lot of territory, but a temporary cease-fire with the Grendel.

So for the Brass Coast at the moment, they have red/orange orcs coming in from the highlands to the west, purple orcs sitting in their conquered ports to the east fortifiying and watching the timer run down, while the rest of the Empire is other battering the other fronts of Jotun in the west, or pushing back/exterminating the Druj orcs (green) in the east, or calling for more action against the Vallorn (don’t ask…)…

I mean, this sounds like the first few volumes of a fantasy epic, but all the above happened in play, caused by player action… Welcome to this game :slight_smile:

Yes, the orc tribal confederations are colour coded for your conveniance. The Imperial Orcs are coloured Awesome.


Woah! Poor Brass Coast! They seem to have pissed off every orc tribe! That sounds crazy. I have a lot of history to read up on it seems!

Thank you for the history lesson!

Remember. Everything has a price.
So we will make these Orcs pay dearly.

If anyone else does have the time, I have a couple of questions regarding player resources and rituals.

Does it make more sense for a new group to focus is on one resource or should we all have different resources? Is upgrading a resource done during down time?

Do you always need two people to conduct a ritual, or can one person with a high enough lore conduct a ritual alone? If two or more people are conducting a ritual, does everyone need to “know” that ritual? Does your group have to be a coven in order to do rituals?

I guess bonus question: what is an eternal and how do i make them like me?

Welcome aboard and please do ask all the questions you want :slight_smile:.

  • You can create a new group just by logging into the main PD website going to the account page and clicking the Create Empire Group. Once you’ve got that registered you and other people in your group can select that at character creation as theirs. This page is a good introduction to Bands on the wiki and this is a good summary of Brass Coast families. The main extra thing you need do decide when you create a family is what oath they swear to one another. That’s an excellent subject for a new thread :).

  • It’s your group so you get to say who’s in charge IC. Oh one thing don’t think that the same person (or people) who is in charge IC need to run the group OOC. Having a family with one person in overall charge, but other people in charge of other parts of the game is good way to make sure everyone gets to play with stuff and doesn’t overload anyone.

  • Yes having everyone as from the same territory is sensible, you don’t all have to have your resources in one place, but it can be very helpful.

  • If you have magician skill you can wear any kind of armour you like, you just can’t cast spells or rituals while wearing it. Lots of ritual mages wear armour and fight like your average hero on the battlefield.

  • Yes before you go about using them you need to either pick you spells + rituals at character creation or go to GOD to get them registered. You can also email PD after your first event and swap stuff round, as PD don’t make you stick with choices that don’t work for you.

  • Yes you can buy mana, but it is probably the most expensive resource currently so if you have some mages in your group it’s good to have at least one mana site held by someone in your family. If you’ve got the fleet resource though (very appropriate for Freeborn) there are some places that will let you trade for Mana, you just don’t get quite as much as with a mana site. It’s the trade off for Fleets being much more versatile and you can enchant them.

  • Yes, politics is pretty much the beating heart of the game, there’s internal national politics to elect Senators and getting them to represent you in the Senate, Synod politics if you have a congregation, Conclave politics for anyone with the magician skill and mana to spend to be allowed to speak and at lots of other spheres as well. Ask around inside your nation for an intro, but don’t expect it to be unbiased, your egregore can give you some pointers as well.

  • Crafting wise you put resources into your downtime envelope and then you choose what things you build in the downtime between games. There is a ritual that let’s you create items overnight, but it’s more expensive than normal crafting.

  • There are loads of traders at the event, here’s a list of them from the last event in 2019 and you’ll probably be able to find stuff at the event for any nation. However I would try and sort out most of your costume beforehand, you’ll be able to find a good selection of weapons, shields, armour and leather goods plus a lot of costume, but it’s good to have at least one set of IC clothes before you get there.

Hope that helped :slight_smile:


It did! Thank you so much!

One person can conduct a ritual so long as they can reach the right magnitude alone.

If you don’t have a ritual mastered, you can contribute your Lore skill towards the magnitude. If you do, you can contribute double your Lore. You have to be able to equal or exceed the target magnitude.

It also costs crystal mana.

One person can do rituals by themselves all day if they have the mana - but for people to cast together, they must be in a coven (or make use of magic items like a Volhov’s Robe). This uses up “coven slots” which are limited each day.

Eternals are powerful magical beings of the Realms. To make them like you, do things in line with their interests as covered on the wiki, seek out their Heralds and offer your services. Focus on what you can do for them, and read up on the Eternal you’re interested in.

It depends on your group’s goals - in some nations, it pays to all have the same personal resource because but gives you voting opportunities (like businesses in the League). On the other hand, having more resource types can give you more flexibility and self-sufficiency.

Upgrading can only be done in downtime, and costs rare and expensive Bourse Resources - White Granite, Weirwood and Mithril.

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Thank you!


It really does depend on what you want your group to do. Some are generalists, you all support each other here and there while all doing your own thing and say come back together for a big lunch :slight_smile:

At the other end of the scale you’ve got groups who are super optimised for one thing. In the brass coast this could be a Hakima group who do all do ritual magic, most of them probably have a mana site and you might have one or two who craft useful stuff for ritual magic. It could be a Corsair or Trading group who have lots of fleets and pay for them to be ritualled up for either trade or raiding in DT. One thing that’s common in say HG but not in the BC (could be an interesting opening) is to have a priest focussed group doing church politics and other spiritual stuff, in the Brass Coast priests are called Sutannir and have a unique place in the nation (

Rituals wise, this page should be useful - Rituals. If you’ve got the right amount of lore to do a ritual you can just do it, the Imperial Regio is very useful though as it boosts every caster by one level (it’s partly an excuse for people to come together in one place and do cool ritual shit). Anyone with the correct Lore can cast any of the rituals that are in Imperial Lore i.e. on the wiki. However if you know the ritual i.e. have it “mastered” then your contribution of mana counts for double.

One thing to keep in mind is that big ritual spellcasting is normally done by Hakima groups (Brass Coast magical traditions) rather than Family magicians. Families might have one or two ritualists to cast smaller rituals, but mages in Familes are much more likely to be spellcasters. This is part of how the BC is set up and makes for some fun game between all the various different kinds of groups in the Coast.

Bonus Question is a biggy and probably worth it’s own thread. Short answer, read up on them, work out what their interests are and do stuff to get their attention. What that can varies wildly. Good person to speak to on the field about this is Archmage for the particular realm that Eternal is part of, they’re partly Ambassadors to the realms. This is a biiiiig subject and there many many IC oppinions and arguments around this. IC as a Highborn I’d say “go talk to a priest” on the subject for example :slight_smile: .

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Thank you so much! Would a family be allowed to get a Hakima or other magical coven to cast a ritual for them, or is that not really something that can be done?