New Player Activities Schedule

Here’s a note about all the new player activities being run at this event from Clare Evans, head of Player Support.

Hey hey. I’ve just posted this on the main Empire LRP page>>

It’s the schedule of activities the Player Support Team run before time in. I’ll talk more about them on this page this week.

We run in 5 different locations.

Outside the Senate - the Senate is one of two buildings on the site in the in character field. There’s a big woodchip road running across the site and at the bottom of the hill it forks. The Senate is situated there.

In the Hub - was you move from the big in character field to the field Dawn and Wintermark are camped in there will be a big white tent on the left. It will have purple horsehead banners on the outside.

In the Hall of Worlds - in the top corner of the in character field by the opposite from where you enter from out of character camping. Is a big stone circle with a large white tent on the hedgeline. This is the Hall of Worlds.

The skirmish field - up the hedge from the Hub, above the Wintermark and Dawn field there will be a stone arch in the hedgeline. This is the Sentinal Gate and the skirmish field is through it.

The military council tent - through the lower gateway into the Dawn and Wintermark field and on the left against the hedgeline will be a tent with a big table with a map on in it. This is the Military Council Tent.

If locations of these very. I’ll try and get this changed. Otherwise anyone on the field should be able to help direct you.