New Player, Any Group Joining advice/ general advice


Good point. Try to have something for your character to do that has nothing to do with the numbers on their character sheet (which, btw, you get reprinted in your event pack).

Examples being:
Find out about X thing in recent or long-past history
Get someone to teach you a skill IC (mechanically irrelevant, excellent RP)
Research Y (I did this with my first PC. He catalogued every group and symbol on the field)
Sell things.
Visit every bar and tea house and similar in Anvil. This could get expensive…
Find someone willing to show you illium (the rarest trading material on the field. Very expensive), and discuss it.
Learn a song. Or a story. And then perform for someone else!
Visit the Academy. And the Senate (during a session). And the Hall of Worlds (if possible).
Get into an IC romantic relationship (if you manage this, you’re doing better than me :slight_smile: )

If they all seem too intimidating, go along to the Hub and look at the BIG map on the wall. Find out where your character is from, and ask people there to explain stuff on the map…


From what you have told me about your character, you wouldn’t be able to get into the hall of worlds. As [Geoffrey_Willoughby] mentioned, going to every bar can be expensive. There are some place you can get drinks cheaper than others. Learning this is a good way of saving money.

If you want to learn songs then there are a few people in the brass coast that sing. At night just listen out for the tale of (can’t remember the chaps name) and the irregular mermaid. That is probably a good place to start. Joining in with the songs can be a lot easier then doing it yourself and it will help to build your confidence and the bonds you have with the people.


Pugilo and the Irregular Mermaid, I think it is.

Yes, there are a couple of fires in the Coast where music happens, have a wander around and ask how much it is to take a seat. A ring, a story or a song is a common fee. :slight_smile: Music is one of my main joys at Empire and pretty much every nation will have music late into the night.


Just to note, there are ways of getting into the Hall of Worlds without being a mage…'s_Key


I just didn’t know how to spell Puglio but thank you for reminding me. I also really enjoy music when I’m not mucking it up.


They will be a new player though and I’m pretty sure the key is fairly expensive so it is unlikely that they will receive one especially being in the brass coast as they have lower chance of being gifted it.


It wouldn’t necessarily be easy, but it would give them something longer to work towards.


Also just finding a key in play to borrow for the day could be a worthy quest,


To be honest though, there is very little reason to go into the hall of worlds when you aren’t a mage. When I go in there it is to find someone but I could probably do that on the field as well. Conclave is boring and that is usually the main event. I personally would save my recourses because if you really want to influence the magic game as a non magician then you need to get mana and other magical resources and then become a patron but that is just my personal opinion.

(I’m not trying to be confrontational, I’m just giving my opinion. I hope you don’t think I’m trying to be rude.)


Don’t worry, you’re not coming across as rude! Everyone’s game is different though; some people will want to track one down just for the hell of it, not necessarily because they’re looking to influence the magic game - especially as there is sometimes other stuff going on in the HoW (last season had the Autumn Market for example, and Eternals often go to there when they visit). Each to their own and all that :slight_smile:


Ah okay. When I’ve been, the closest thing I got to an eternal was being mistaken for a herald. It would be interesting to talk to some of them though so I will look out for that. Thank you for being understanding.


If I had to come up with one hint for a new player - and hey, here I am doing that thing - the egregores are literally there to help players have a good game, and you’re a player. Go to them, tell them what you want and what you need, and take their advice.


Why do the Freeborn use the letter “i” between their first and last names. Will I have to do this?


It’s like “of” - For example, Julio i Ezmara i Erigo would be Julio, of family Ezmara, of tribe Erigo.

From the wiki:

Freeborn typically have three names. The first is their given name as decided by their parents and can be as creative or as bland as their imagination. The second is their family name and the last name is that of the tribe - one of the Erigo, the Riqueza or the Guerra.

Freeborn names follow the pattern “firstname” i “family” i “tribe”. Hakima and kohan often drop the family name and use just their tribal name.

The tribe name of a Brass Coast character is usually that of his or her mother but there are some customs related to marriage that may lead a man (but never a woman) to have a different tribal name to the one he was born with.

A character who was adopted into the Brass Coast has no tribal name. Only a character whose mother possessed a tribe name can legitimately identify themselves as part of that tribe. While such a character can become kohan or hakima, they generally choose to keep their family name as discarding it is seen as reducing their connection to the Brass Coast.


Everyone writes the ‘i’ but not everyone says it. My character would introduce herself as “Renata Zabala Erigo” verbally, but always wrote it “Renata i Zabala i ERIGO”.