New player, asking for monstering advice

Ok, so I’m not new to LARPing, I am however new to PD/Empire…

I understand that the general rule on battles is play one / monster (crew) one and this is brilliant.

What I am asking, is what can/should I bring to make things easier? It’s pretty much in my budget to get some low quality or mass produced battle kit (weapon/shield) etc and I could quite possibly scrape some soft kit together… My question is mainly armour… is it provided or do I turn up without any and just get very dead very quickly?

This should help.


PD have a couple of hundred sets of lightweight (medium) armour that come on a first-come, first-served basis. They fit to a varying degree; smaller people tend to have a tougher time of it.

Orc mask: again, provided on a first-come first-served basis.

Soft kit: all black layers is fine.

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Also if you can bring or likely borrow a weapon and say a buckler or shield that would be useful. Ask around in your nation and I’m sure some people will be happy to help.

If you happen to have your own mask, whether due to previous characters or a particular interest in playing an orc, that would be a good thing. I’m not saying that the PD-provided masks are in any way dirty or smelly, they get disinfected between battles, but…

No amount of Dettol is going to stop me pitying the next player to wear that mask or stop me wondering about the last one. Your mask will be slick with (fake) blood, (real) sweat, and (optional) tears by the end of the combat. A few lucky (or maybe just early) players will get the ones with the chin-holes, but I was fighting for hours (it felt like six, but I am told it was about one and a half) with a face full of latex. You take what you can get and so I suspect that picking up your own properly-fitted mask will make the whole monstering experience more enjoyable.

Not a criticism of PD (as a player, a sea of latex orc masks is more immersive than I could have imagined), just a minor consideration to bear in mind if you happen to have access to your own mask.

Re soft kit:

Orc monsters are colour coded for your conveniance. But this season we have a lot of options…

But if you can wear a shirt of a sash in red (Jotun), green (Druj), or purple (Grendel), I’m sure that’d be appreciated. Failing that, blacks and browns are always good.

Re armour in particular, bringing your own light or medium vambraces and greaves to go with the provided medium torso armour is generally appreciated.

I would recommend bringing your own armour if you can. Some of it is starting to wear out and means you could have to go with out. Chain is perfect for this.

Oh one thing to keep an out out for is that late on Friday and on Saturday PD will stick up lists of the kind of kit they’d like players to turn up to Monster in if possible by Nation. So keep an eye out near GOD and on the Toilets near GOD as they’ll be around there.


As a side note, if you’re coming to monster a battle, please try to keep an eye on the time, and aim to arrive from 09:30, preferably not long afterwards. We close Monster around 10:30 - after all, the battle is at 11:00 - and we hate having to turn people away because there’s not enough time to process them.

Also, the earlier you arrive, the more time there is to get used to your monster brief and ask any questions you might have!

Please also see the wiki page and the other wiki page for more information. =]