New player gear

hi all i would like a bit of advice i would like my character to have heavy armour sword and buckler. i have been looking up armour but i have not found much around i am wintermark so english looking plate would not look right i have seen some leather armour with steel plates on it but that was £400 way out of my budget so if i wanted to stick with the theme what could i go for? or am i going to be stuck with medium armour like chainmail or thick leather? i wish that armour types would be dependent on race so heavy armour would be like medium for wintermark… other than armour i have leather boots trousers and a larp style shirt and a long tunic does that all sound ok? any help and advice welcome

thanks all

Chainmail made out of steel counts as heavy armour, which might make things easier.

Butchers Mail and Ring Mail are not included as heavy armour, regardless of the materials used— thats from the pd website so that not chainmail? will make it so much better as im makking chainmail atm really easy to make just takes ages so i could do that with say some light leather armour over the top and plate bracers and plate greaves… to count as heavy armour?

thanks mike


Butchers mail is the modern vrey fine gauge mail that butchers gloves are made of, and I thin kBy Ringmail they mean large rings sewn onto a leather backung.

If you are making your own mail, you should be fine for it counting as Heavy Armour. post a picture of a bit of you rmail if you are unsure.

If the mail you are making is steel and is constructed as in this picture - … detail.jpg - then it will count as Heavy Armour.

I understand that “ringmail” also includes “mail” constructed as per the stuff around the wrist in this picture - … ntlets.jpg .

no its not riveted mail its made from steel wire spun into rings 6mm if my memory is any good is that different then?


Doesn’t have to be riveted you’ll be glad to hear, simple butted links qualify as well :smiley: Sorry if the pic was misleading in that respect, I was just thinking about the weave pattern when I looked at it. Butted steel wire links should* qualify as heavy armour if “knitted” per the picture I linked to - so it sounds like you’ll be OK on that score unless the wire is stupidly thin (but the mail probably wouldn’t hold together if it were).

  • the one caveat is that no ruling can really be given without actually seeing the piece of kit in question.

i think its like that 4-1 is the pattern i use if that makes sence seems rather strong to me i have a pice about the size of a3 at the mo i can pull it apart with all my strength so hopefully it will be fine. so where would i get some light leather armour to pop over the top of it last event i went to i did not see any armour dealers but we only had a few hours spare time spent it eating and resting monstering is hard work so we might have missed them or is it made to order?

thanks mike