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Hi all, I am a new player to empire and found myself very last minute attending this upcoming event. I am only just about to submit my character details. And thus have been told due to its lateness my character card/pack will be blank/empty when I get to the event.

Does this mean if I pick skills such as herbilisum I won’t be given the herb cards to be able use to heal people?

Thank you for your help.

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So with Chigurgeon, the base skill, you don’t actually need any herbs for that. Just 30 seconds of good old fashioned RP!

With physic, it gets more complicated as you need herbs to give out the effect of the herb, but you don’t need them for treating traumatic wounds. This is easily side stepped by finding a group who will shell out the cash for the herbs off a trader.

Apothecary is basically useless to you unless you want to diagnose potion effects…

It might be smart to pick up Hero (If you haven’t already) and purchase Stay with Me (Pick someone up with 1 hit) or Get It Together (Heal them 3 hits) instead of apothecary for the time being!

Hope it helps!

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It’s not that they will remain blank or empty, but that the admin team are at this moment printing off all the packs and the computer server is being moved onto site, so you can’t do any of these things in advance and will have to do some queuing to get everything set up once you arrive which can take quite a lot of time.

Your best bet at the moment is to have a thorough read of the wiki pages that matter to you, so that when you get to the front of that queue you know exactly what to ask for.

For example, from your post I recommend reading through:

Personal resources and Herb Gardens. Personal resources are how we get our resources such as herbs, mana or materials, and every character gets to pick one.

Surgical Skills and Apothecary. Skills are things that we can use on the field, and it sounds like you are interested in healing from your post so this is a good place to start. You can mix and match skills though so you do not have to pick both (I personally think Apothecary is a tough skill to have fun with unless you have a group who you can work with, or unless you are really looking forward to getting into trading and selling those potions to people).

It is worth getting a little cloth bag or two so that you can carry around your physreps easily (herbs can just be some tree leaves or tea or herbs out of the garden, you don’t need to think about doing anything special for your first event. You just need to have something).

Do you have an idea of your nation, and any other skills that you are going to take?


Thank you both for your information, although this is last minute for me I have spent the last few days reading through the wiki and watching a few head came videos.

I am going with a group of friends who’s first event was the last one. They are all Marchers with combat based skills & buisness’s or army’s for options. I suggested maybe I should go as a type healer to help them as a team (roughly 6 of us I think)

So I am planning to run with, weapon master (for the pole arm), dreadnought, fortitude then chirurgeon ,& psysick with a herb garden as my resource.

As you both seem very knowledgeable, I have the torso requirement for dreadnought. the wiki says I need one other area covered by heavy armour, would a helmet count as the other area? As I don’t own anything heavy armour looking for legs and arms currently.

Any other advice you can give based of what I have mentioned would be mut h appreciated.

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Armour protects the wearer by increasing their global hits if it covers the majority of the torso and at least one other location. Complete coverage of the front of the torso is considered sufficient. Valid locations are the head (with a helm), the arms, and the legs, or you may cover half of your arms and legs.

E.g. A mail vest covers your torso but does not cover another location. If you wear it with a helm them it would count. A full-length mail hauberk covers the torso, thighs and upper arms so it would always count.
Weapons & armour - Empire (

Yup, a helmet would count, although if you can borrow something for your legs that would be a good call as un-armoured legs are like a magnet for Cleave!

Heading that you have a group is great news, LRP is always easier and more fun if you have a group to share it with.

My only advice would be to have a think what you want to do off the battlefield. You’ll be out doing the major battle (and monstering for the other one) in the mornings/early afternoons, but aside from occasional skirmishes that then leaves you with the rest of the day to fill. You don’t have to pick anything right away, but you might want to consider if you want to get involved in magic, or the priest game, or if you want to try your hand at trading. Of course your group may already have a plan in which case roll with them. :slight_smile:

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If it helps we can make up a player pack very quickly in GOD for you, we do it for people who buy their ticket on the gate, or even die in a battle and regenerate during the event.

What you will find is that you’ll need to create your character when you get to site, since the server is already in the field. Same login info as when you did it from home. Once you’re happy with your choices then tell someone in GOD to make your character live, and that will generate an envelope for us to fill with your resource, cash and so on.

If we’re really busy we might ask you to come back in an hour, but we can often make them up on the spot for you.

You can also feel free to start playing your character at time in, as long as you don’t need to see a ref for anything (bonding, ritual, priest skill) and come and see GOD a bit later on if that works.


Excellent so I don’t need to worry just need to know what I want on the day, perfect.

As for the previous comments about out of battle/skirmish. I have thought of this and with the skills I have selected and a herb garden, I feel learning about trade might be my best bet to earn in game currency.

But this is probably something I will pick up and learn after my first event, as my dislike the character I have created and so on.

Thank you for your help


You’ve had a lot of good advice already, so I’ll just add a note re your skills:

Chirugeon, Physick and Herb garden is a good combination.

It will also give you something to do off the battlefield in terms of trading for herbs, and perhaps commissioning potions from people.

I advise you to pick up a few props for bandages and herbs. The former can likely be bought on the field fairly easily (along with all manner of interesting things like surgical tools), or made from ripped up sheets etc. The latter may take a little work, but being able to bring out a bunch of herbal teas/creams/concentrates whatever adds a lot to the game.

Note: this is not compulsory, but it’s a good way to add flavour and character to the mechanical transaction of “I pass you this card, you rip it up, we wait 5 seconds, we apply the affect”

I have, in the past, done a reasonable job making up emergency herbal props with a scavenge along the campsite hedgerows and a folded handkerchief or two, but you can put in as much or as little effort as you like :smiley:

Here’s a thread on the subject:

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