New player here, have a few questions

Hello! I’m a new player looking to join you guys in April and I really can’t wait! I have two questions about Sword safety and design, and two about Varushkan Wardens/Magic:

Firstly, I know you’re only allowed to thrust a weapon that is designated as thrust safe and as such I won’t be doing any thrusting with my sword But are there any restrictions on the tips of swords in the interest of safety. I’m in the process of designing my own sword and I’d hate to see my baby be denied her first safety check. I’d like a point on my top for ascetic purposes, but I’ll happily round it of if I need to. (Sub questions, how much should I round it off if I need to?)

Secondly, a Phs-Rep question, Am I allowed to design a sword that looks like its been carved from bone? I’m happy with it appearing as an oddity and a IC conversation piece, but if it simply won’t fit in the setting then I can paint it another colour.

Thirdly, is it possible to cast magic on yourself? I’m 95% sure you can, But I’d like it clarified. :smiley:

Lastly, Can/Should a new player choose to play a Warden? I’ve been gobbling up all Varushkan/Empire lore I can, But I don’t want to be out of my depth.

Thanks in advance and all the best!

in answer to some of your questions

Yes you can play a warden as a new character,

Yes you can cast magic on yourself e.g. Empower, heal to name a few.

I don’t see a problem with a sword looking like it’s made from bone, if there’s a story behind it and it appropriate for the nation. though probably best double check with PD on that one.

for the sword making best e-mail PD for a official response or talk to other weapon makers?

Brilliant, I’ll email them now just to check, Thank you!

My sword has a pointed end if that helps, always passed the weapons check thus far

Are you making your own sword or designing one for a professional weapons maker to make to your design?

You don’t need to round the tip, but you don’t want to make the angle too narrow. Mostly because you can’t extend the core into the point, and long whippy points are prone to damage. The latex outer coat will round the point a tiny bit anyway.

As for a bone sword, definitely emailing the background team. It’s certainly not normal for an imperial sword, but it might be possible as a sword from one of the foreign nations, and then you have the story of how you got the sword :slight_smile:

Playing a Varuskhan Warden I would suggest that it be carved from some wee beastie.

I think it is perfectly reasonable that at some point you and a brotherhood / schlacta killed a Plaguewulf and you took a femur as a trophy.

And using bone in swords is something I have seen a few times such as: … sword.html … 1170-p.asp

I would never advise making your own weapon as your first move.

They’re surprisingly complex, and there’s a number of non-obvious pitfalls that can really bite you if you aren’t careful.

However, pointy is generally fine.

My suggestion would be to buy one at your first event (dozens of traders attend Empire, many of whom make very fine weapons), and perhaps chat with the maker about techniques and advice for weapon making.

Hey Urbanfox, welcome to Varushka.

There is a Varushkan facebook group (very friendly) if you are not already a member then you should certainly sign up.

Thanks for the replies everyone! I love how friendly and helpful everyone is!

Sword design wise I’m looking to have the tip of the core 2-3 Inches below the point of the blade, I’ll be rounding it ever so slightly just to be on the safe side. I’m more worried about the entire weapon being a little whippy rather than just the tip, But I managed to source and affordable Fibreglass bar, so whippyness should be minimal/ restricted to a single axis (Damn you, lack of carbon fibre!)

As for the fluff, it’s the actual blade that will be made out of Pys-rep bone, rather than anything else. I was planning on acquiring it IC as payment for services rendered, As Yasen(Name subject to change) doesn’t have any talent with the bellows and anvil.

It’s being heavily based on a sword some of you may recognise: … tsword.jpg

As for your advice Tea, You are probably right, But I feel like It’s my duty as a cosplayer to at least try. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m pretty good with my hands, and I have a experienced LARPer looking over my shoulder for every step of the way.

Again, Thank you all so much, you’ve been a big help and I feel very welcomed. :smiley: If you see a Changeling Warden with a bone sword in his hands around the Varushka camp, be sure to come and say hello!

An actual OC bone sword would be a rubbish weapon. However, a latex phys-rep looks cool, and maybe plaguewulf bones are special?

As are dragon bones! Leviathan bones and magically treated ground and moulded bones.

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The important thing is for it to clearly look like a weapon. The image linked to is very obviously a sword and not just a lump of bone with a sharp end!

My first thought was that bone wouldn’t work for a sword, so if you want a bone weapon then a mace or cudgel would make more sense.

Those could still be good options (and easier to make than a sword) but as others have said, perhaps in the gameworld there might be bones with special properties (but this would be one for the plot-team to answer: email PD!)

Well it could just be a huge ass bone with leather strips wrapped round one end for grip. That’s a tad primitive though…

Point being I think any larp safe object of the correct size and safety can be used as a weapon, I’ve seen larp safe bottles of rum and all sorts.

And given the weird and wonderful materials we have available to us not to much of a stretch to make a practical bone weapon, maybe its soaked in Beggars Lye then laminated in Ambergelt or something?

Also a big +1 to having a professional make the weapon. Quite a few people do custom orders such as Mandalla (they can make damn near anything), Tallows, Eldritch possibly do…

It would be a shame for you to put a lot of effort into making it and it getting failed on the day. If it is failed you wouldn’t be allowed to keep it on the IC field in case someone did try and use it as a weapon.

An artisan could totally make a bone sword in Empire, I think.

Eldritch take customs, and also make bone-effect swords as a stock item, as it happens.

Note that you can’t use any lrp-safe item as a weapon at Empire. Something like a rum bottle or a fish does not do damage.

I don’t think so, they’d break rather quickly.
Dead bone gets fragile fast. It’s hollow down the middle where the marrow was, then a sort of Aero-bubbles structure, and only solid on the outside. It wouldn’t have much weight to use as a club, and it would break soon if you kept hitting things with it.

However, by the Rule of Cool, there may be some way in which you have managed to make a bone weapon using things which do not exist in the real world - have an IC explanation as to why your weapon is not a shattered mess within minutes of the first battle.

Maybe look through the list of magic weapons and find one with a similar suggested description? Then you can always say that it was made as such a blade but that its magic has since faded (magic items last a year at most in 99.9% of cases).

Historically it has been used for tool-handles, spear-points, combs and I’m not sure what else.
I remember spending a while once searching on the web for mechanical properties such as strength and stiffness, and didn’t find all that much but from the papers I did find it seemed comparable to wood.

I don’t think you generally use whole bones for any of those applications though? I think you basically use bone chips from the solid outer layer for all of those things, which have much better properties but need to be bound / stuck into something else to make large objects?

Further Dre’s suggestion, Wardens are typically decked out with magical gubbins to help them fight monsters and many are Artisans (at least in the fluff not sure how true this holds on the field) so you could take Artisan and start with it being a magic weapon and some other gubbins too.

Plus It’s not official I don’t think but there was talk that fluff wise it is possible that magic items can be “renewed” rather than entirely remade. You can have a heirloom magical weapon it’s just that every year an artisan has to work the magic back in. It’s functionally identical but it opens up a few story options. Assuming I am not imagining that this was a thing the refs were ok with…

Also, hollow bone? Fill it with molten metal! Would it work real life, probably not but, magic. ^^