New player here with some questions. :)

Hello everyone, I’m new to LARP. Although I’m a big nerd loving dnd and all things fantasy, I was not aware of any somewhat local LARPS. until I found empire.

I’m hoping to come to the winter solstice event in 2020.

I was wondering if I could get some help or advice.

firstly the character I would like to create would be a human part of Wintermark who is basically a potion merchant. ideally I would like to study under a more experienced player to learn how to craft potions from materials gained in the world or from recourses. As it will be my first time I’m not sure if this is possible or what direction I can go to.

In addition I would like to be a healer on the battlefield with potions or however I can heal. My normal role in most rpgs or dnd I’m a ranged damage dealer but I would like to take a different route for this new experience.

Thank you.


Sounds like you’re gonna want to take a look at the Surgical skill tree, particularly Apothecary, which allows you to brew potions.

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Thank you I’ll go have a look now.

Welcome along!

First port of call is to go to the wiki and read and understand the relevant sections!

Wintermark has an archetype for healers called Grimnir if you wanted to read up about them.

I’d imagine you’d want to take a herb garden for a personal resource if you wanted to be making potions and doing healing.

The anvil hospital is a great place to go and talk to other healers, Wintermark has a healers gathering of its own which takes place.

I’m currently playing Wintermark so feel free to ask any questions you might have either here or by PM, myself and I’m sure others are very happy to help :slight_smile:


Thank you this has been a big help:)