New Player - How Nation Will Effect My Social Life

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I’m thinking of coming to the Winter 2022 event (Fingers crossed it goes ahead!). I’ve got some friend who have played before and they are going to be making some new characters and possibly joining the Dawn nation. But as much as I think Dawn are cool, I think that The Brass Coast are closer to who I am and what I’m interested in.

So I guess my question is this, if I was to join The Brass Coast solo with my friends being in Dawn, would that affect what I could do with them? Would it make the social aspect of the game harder as I’d have nobody I know in my home nation?

I hope you guys can help clear this up a bit for me, any help / advice would be really appreciated :smiley:

So your nation choice does affect quite alot. Your character can only do magic with others in your nation, can only vote for your own senators, can only go to the main battles with them and your character’s politics will be heavily influenced by your nation’s outlook and goals.
Friendships across nations however are not a problem at all, hanging out with your mates will be fine. You may be able to join the same skirmishes (that’s more down to type of fighter wanted than nation although politics can play in that), and the Conclave orders for Mages, Hospital and Virtue assemblies for priests are cross nation, with the caveat that different nations have different ways of doing things.

I would also say that solo players are not solo for long! The Brass Coast are very welcoming, fun people and I’m sure there are groups there who would be delighted to have a newbie. If you do facebook they have a group and I’m sure a post on there will get you several offers:


Ohh okay, this sounds like how I thought it would be. All makes sense now, thanks for letting me know! I might hit up that FB group and see what I think :smiley: I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out! Hopefully I’ll see you in Anvil sometime in the future :muscle:

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I’d also recommend turning up on the Thursday as that’ll let you get plenty of socialising in with your friends done before the game starts. It’s also a smart move as it lets you get all set up the day before and then spend Friday making sure you’re ready to play, for your first game it also gives you plenty of time to get along to the new player meeting, combat briefing and the new player skirmish which will all help you hit the ground running when you start.


Oh absolutely!! I was definitely planning on showing up on the Thursday to get to know a bunch of people and get myself sorted out :smiley: Thank you so much or the help!

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All nations are cool in there own different ways and players, but not necessarily characters are all really friendly and welcoming too. The most important factor in your social life at Empire is you and how much you put your character out there to meet, interact and discover the world of Empire. The new player briefings and training offered by PD are spot on.