New Player Intro Schedule

Hey there!
Clare from Player Support here. Here’s my timetable for player support events running on Friday of the event. Any edits to timing or additions will be added to this post.

We aim to run a range of support meetings and training sessions and with the exception of the New Player Skirmish these are open to all players. Some clash because we only have so many hours to fit them all in! You’re welcome to attend at another event.

On Thursday we congregate in or near the Senate building mostly to chat and meet people, if you’re at a loose end feel free to stop by and see us!

If you arrive after these events and want to chat things through you are more than welcome to ask GOD to radio me and I or one of my team will come and talk to you! You also have egregores in each nation who are members of PD crew and part of the Player Support Team. Thier job is to support the players in their nation, in particular those who are newer and want help getting involved. Feel free to go and talk to them. Its absolutely reasonably to ask questions like ‘Can you tell me where the egregore is?’ or ‘Have you seen the egregore?’ to find them.

8pm – Senate - Social

1pm – Skirmish Field - Weapons Training
1pm - Military Council Tent - Public Speaking Class
2pm – Hub – New Player Meeting
3pm – Skirmish Field – Weapons Training
3pm - Hall of Worlds - Intro to the Synod
4pm – Skirmish Field – New Player Skirimish
5pm – Hub – New Player Meeting
5pm – Hall of Worlds – Into to Magic
6pm – Academy - Open for Parents evening and interest registration for Saturday Classes and battle tests
7pm - Academy - Battle tests