New player, I've heard about this 'anvil' place, but I can't find any info about it

I looked on the Wiki and around on the facebook pages, and I gather it’s some sort of town, but is there any more info on it?

Calling it a town might be a little generous. It’s only got a few permanent structures, but it does have two of the most important magical objects in the whole Empire; the Imperial Regio and the Sentinel Gate. Four times a year, the area turns into a tent city, like the more permanent tent cities of the Freeborn, separated into different national camps. It’s the easiest place to access the Conclave’s Hall of Worlds, through the Regio, it allows the Military Council to organise precise strikes through the Gate, and one of the solid wooden structures is the Senate hall, where motions to change the Empire are passed.

The town wouldn’t even be on a map, though, without the Regio and Gate, in my opinion.


It’s also the birthplace of the Empire, I believe that the first empress was signed into being in the forge.

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Anvil is in the Highguard territory of Casinea. Their are a few buildings around, including the recently built Imperial War Memorial., but the Main Two are the Senate Building and The Forge.

The Senate building is self explanatory but the forge was where it is said the First Empress laid out her plans, for the first time, for what would become the Empire, and she laid down a desire that in remembrance of the sacrifices of those who dwelt there in her defence that it always be preserved. Unfortunately during those tumultuous early years it fell badly into disrepair and despite the best efforts of the Civil Service and the Anvil corps of engineers it has never been fully repaired but rebuilt as the primary tavern for the gatherings at Anvil.

The Sentinel Gate (depicted here complete with Sentinel) was a gift to the Empire from the Nation of Urizen upon their entry into the empire during the reign of The Second Empress, when it was moved from Spiral to its current position in Anvil. It allows for the deployment of small bands of heroes, and occasionally Larger Forces, to strike out and can take people to a variety of locations. The exact mechanisms of its operation are unknown but appear to controlled by the conjunctions of the stars, any trained mage can check to see if there is a conjunction to a specific location and determine the size and time if such a conjunction exists.

Talking of Mages, in both the general and urizeni sense, brings us on to The Imperial Regio, a massively powerful centre of magical power, easily identifiable by even the least magically able by the circle of carefully carved obelisks (of which I unfortunately can’t find a picture) that mark its bounds. Unlike all other Regio’s it is not attuned to a single Realm or form of Magic but to all 6 Realms of Magic. This alone would make it a powerful magical centre but it also has two other powerful advantages. Firstly that it is bound to the very heart of the empire and as such, as long as the empire has Dominion over a territory the Imperial Regio is considered to be connected to that territory.

Lastly, almost every Regio has a small Chamber attached, a pocket between our world and that of the attuned realm that any trained mage may enter. The one of the Imperial regio is obviously large and grand comparatively not only allowing access to the Heralds of the Eternals of all six realms to enter Anvil. It is also where the Archmages may call for Parley with the Eternals. and of course it is the site where Conclave is held, and where the Mages determine the Magical fate of the empire.