New player looking for a group

Hey there!

As a bit of a nerd (obviously :P) and a roleplaying aficionado after hearing about live action roleplaying, I realized it must be done! Problem is, you can’t find a proper airsoft game in Croatia, let alone an organized continuous LARP event. Not all is lost however, since travel isn’t hard and once this pandemic has settled I want to finally participate and that’s optimistically speaking 2021.

While currently working on getting to know the lore and backstory, mechanics and gameplay rules I realized that going alone wouldn’t be as great of an experience like it would be going with/joining a group to roleplay with. Quite unsure as to where I can actually try searching for one, so I decided the best place to start is here :stuck_out_tongue:

So if anybody has any suggestions, or is also actively looking to expand their own group I would really appreciate the feedback :+1:

Thank you!


Hello and welcome.

When it comes to groups these are built within the ten Nations, so have you any idea which Nation you’d be looking at playing?

What sort of character would you be interested in playing?

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Hello there and welcome to the hobby, the game and these forums :slight_smile:

My sympathies about the lack of LARP in Croatia.

As for 2021… on the plus side our last game of the summer has just been cancelled (pandemic restrictions), and so everyone will be Very Keen for 2021… and we’ll have a whole years worth of new players arriving at once! (And quite a few players from outside the UK)

So you’ve picked a good time, and you’ve picked a good place to advertise.

Now, you don’t NEED to have the system mechanics memorised before you play. There will be plenty of workshops and helpful people to talk you through things.

Playing as part of a group is much easier, and usually much more fun. Whether it’s as loose as “I camp with those guys” or as close as “Together with my brave companions we will change the world!”

Every player character is an Imperial Citizen, and a member of a Nation. Every Nation will have groups wanting new players…

So if you’re looking for a group, you’ve got a couple of options.

  1. Think of a character concept, and we’ll give some suggestions as to what Nation it fits best.

  2. Pick a Nation you like the look of, and then think about what sort of character you’d like.

Either way, you can then ask about for groups in that Nation. :smiley:

There are also official pages on Facebook for each Nation. I can provide links if necessary. Further advice and answers to ANY questions happily provided!


Thanks for such a warm welcome :+1:

I wrote a short description of my character including his personality and traits, background and alignments, so here is a quick summary:

Name: Clyde
Age: 22
Height: 6’4’’
Personality: Clyde is a very rational and intelligent person. On several occasions when things get surreal in life, Clyde shows little or no interest. He does, however, harbor very few interests and rarely shares them with anyone but his most trusted friends. He seems to be the most stoic, cynical, and deadpan member of his big family of 3 sisters and 4 brothers. He is often described as being of abrasive personality, very sarcatic and apathetic. When faced with a problem, or when others very close to him do, he usually always avoids comforting and providing emotional aid and instead attempts to find the source of the problem, fix it and rationalize everything that has happened and provide a logical conclusion with often little empathy. This goes to show that those people he really cares about albeit only a few can always expect to be cared for and assisted when needed.

Clyde doesn’t like authority, but he lives by his own moral code which he strictly follows. He is very hard to impress and doesn’t feel strongly about the nation he belongs to, but when he truly decides to be loyal, he will never go astray and even die for the cause if need be. While not agressive, he is not shy over stepping on other people to further his own goal, even though he will always try to find a way around it.

So, what do you think? Where do I belong?

Thank you for your feedback

I’ll go ahead then and choose a nation and then a group belonging to that nation

Yeah, I have to agree on the apathy point but I have a few thoughts. Firstly DON’T go Imperial Orc because of the politics Orcs tend to stick really close together and have a lot of national pride. Other than that here are a few ideas.

  • Ex-slave going to either Wintermark or Varushka as slaves from the Thule and Druj are being integrated into those nations. I think Clyde would no quite well as someone from Ketsov in Varushka. (Bonus you now have a IC reason to not know stuff about the Empire. Good for a trader/jack of all trades type playstyle.)

  • A disillusioned Dawnish Yeoman who’s Earl put his quest for glory over the Yeofolk soldiers under his command but now his lack of vigilance killed him and you’re looking to join a new house. (Bonus you can spend your first event meeting lots of people from Dawn and get a feel before joining a group. Good for a combat playstyle.)

  • A Mage from Spiral, Urizen, that have been affected by the Black Plateau and is angry at the treatment of Urizen by the Empire. You’re Spire had been attacked by insane Iron Helms and your family, like lots of people in Urizen, are refugees. (Bonus lots of possible conflicts which is always more fun to play. Good for a Magic focus play style.)

  • A Highborn Inquisitor who thinks that lineage and magic are spiritually bad for the Empire and preach about turning away from magic and to work towards Virtue instead. Maybe even be Unveiled? (Bonus really controversial issue. It produces lots of drama. I personally love getting into ideological arguments with Unveiled. Good for a religion focus play style.)

Any idea you’d like to develop or if you fall in love with a nation but want one of these ideas I can help with that. Hope this points you in the right direction.


Nations are a huge part of a character, so I think you should choose a nation first, then create a character to fit into that nation. Look at the National Archetypes and pick one that appeals to you, then create a character that fits into that archetype.

Lastly I’m not sure ‘Clyde’ as a name particularly fits any of the Nations. Each nation has a list of suggested names, and a guide to creating a name.