New player looking for advice and allies!

Hi all,

I’ve been thinking about attending an empire event for a while now, it looks like absolutely great fun, but unfortunately I have no friends whod be willing to attend with me. I was wondering if there is somewhere I could find groups looking for players to attend E1 of 2020 so that I don’t have to be totally alone? I don’t care about nation or being in a group with a particular style of play; I’m just desperate to get involved.

Any suggestions would be muchly appreciated!

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Hi there H58H!

Welcome along to the game and these forums :slight_smile:

Empire is structured very much around the nations and the groups within it: it’s quite difficult to join as someone from no nation…

(unless you plan on joining the Monster Crew)

…however, pretty much every nation has groups forming, groups recruiting, and groups happy to have some loosely-associated friend turn up.

Asking here is a good start. There are also several facebook groups for new players.

But I advise that you have a look through the nations and pick which one strikes your fancy. You can certainly change for a different character from a different nation after one event (or during it!), you aren’t locked in.

But if you have one nation, you can ask about there who is recruiting, or who is willing to welcome a new player (hint: most of them).

If nothing else, I’m playing in Dawn. And my group would happily welcome a new player, show them around, introduce them as, for example, “This is my cousin Ectar, it’s his first time in Anvil, let us show him the sights of the capital!”

I suspect that you’ll get quite a few offers. And if naught else, you have plenty of time to decide! :smiley:


Thanks for the quick response man, I didn’t so much mean that I didn’t want to join a nation, more that they all look awesome and id be happy to join any of them haha. I will ask around as you suggested, thanks a bunch.

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I’m part of a Highguard chapter and we have taken in lone players both as temporary hosts and permanent group members.

All the nations have options for your back story that come as a good excuse to be in Anvil looking for a group to belong to, from finishing military service or a pilgrimage in Highguard to being a questing Knight in Dawn, so turning up as someone looking for a home is a great way to get into the game.

Have a read of the nation pages, see what sort of character background or costume requirements suit who you want to play and I’m sure we can point you towards useful contacts in that nation who can keep an eye out for you when you get a chance to come to the field.

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E1 last year i joined Empire as a solo player. I was taken in by a Highguard chapter. I would suggest joining the facebook pages. Find posts from people in a similar situation and start networking.
Alternatively drop me a pm. We always find time for new players in HG.

Thanks, I’m looking through the nations again trying to decide on which one to join now I know there’s so many ways for new players to get involved; but honestly its so hard trying to pick one! In regards to skills, can you assign them as you play? Or do you need to pick all your skills before you join?

The only thing your character has to have to exist on the system is a Nation, a name and a resource.

You don’t need to spend any XP at all on skills, and in fact if you don’t you can make use of the apprentice ability and ‘borrow’ another character’s skills under their instruction to try out different bits of the game.

Once at an event there are player PC’s in GOD (Games Operation Desk) where you can spend XP if you decide what you want, and if it later turns out you got it wrong PD are very accommodating with new players rearranging things later if you need to.

You can also change nation in game (takes a bit of roleplay and probably a couple of events at least, and you need reasons), change resource by paying the 2 Crown admin fee to the civil service and even change your name (in some nations changing group should change your identifier also, or your character could add a nick name etc) with a trip to GOD, so nothing is set in stone.


So to clarify:

Yes you can.

No you don’t.

You may also want to look at the skill “Apprentice”. This allows you to shadow someone skilled and use their skills with their supervision and “teaching”. It’s a mechanism for children to join in on things, or indeed for adults to try things out…

“Can you even use a bow?”
“Decarius here will be showing me how to…”


That’s awesome thanks a lot

Hey, if you want a group to join, and if the Navarr brief is something you’re interested in, give me a shout, we’ve got one of the bigger groups in the Nation and are happy for people to join

I concur with Richard @H58H - Navarr is a very welcoming nation (not that many are not, in truth), and with things like National Training, Songs and Stories and so forth, there are some things to get involved with from the get-go!

Obviously one of the most important things is finding a nation you like the look/history/lore of - but if Navarr happens to be that, you would be more than welcome!

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Bear in mind that every character has the capacity to:

  • Wear any sort of armour.
  • Use a one-handed weapon and a buckler.
  • Bind to one magic item of each type.
    So providing you have or can borrow armour and weapons, that’s easily enough to go to a battle as a runner, or a guard for a healer, or another non-frontline role. You can also get hold of enchantments or items to let you use weapons or shields, so again a chance to try before you buy.
  • Barked Command of the Iron Serjeant (Enchantment, 3 people, all get Polearm, 1h Spear or 2-hander)
  • Skar’s Gentle Push (Enchantment, You get shield)
  • Greensteel Bracers (Item, You get shield)
  • Algderman’s Edge (Item, you get Weapon Master)

You can also engage in:

Senatorial politics
Military Council politics
Trading for artisan materials
Trading for bourse resources
Working for the imperial offices

With no skills at all - although you may need some actual hard skills or talent of being able to talk to others, give speeches, answer difficult questions or haggle, and some seed money and / or friends will definitely help most of these endeavours.
(NB just because you are not good at public speaking does not mean your character has to be bad at it also, several people use LARP to give it a go and there are a selection of anointings and rituals that give roleplay effects to encourage you to Do The Thing!, even if it may not be the most sensible option.)

Picking either base priest or magician (2 xp each) will open the Synod politics and Conclave politics options also even if you don’t pick anything in else from those skill sets.


Congregation (a resource, rather than a skill) is the best buy in to Synod politics. Without a Congregation or skills you can still be involved (one of my previous characters was active in Ambition Assembly with zero skills and a fleet) but in order to vote or hold any Synod position you need a Congregation.

Without Magician though, you can’t get into the Hall of Worlds easily where Conclave is held, so defo Magician for Conclave stuff.