New Player looking for tips

This is going to be my first time LARPing and I’m still not sure how to properly integrate my character into the Wintermark community without properly knowing anyone and dynamic surrounding them.
What I’m wondering is that when I go to make new friends whats the best way that I can do so without interrupting the dynamic already there between people but also not make any stupid mistakes that will offend the culture??

My understanding (also a newbie) is that the Egregores exist (at least in part) to help throw newbies into their faction’s plots and adventures. There are new player staff who frequent these forums and who will come and give you a far more reassuring answer and details, but the only thing you need to worry about is why your character came to Anvil and the rest should work itself out very quickly once the event gets going.

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My first event will be in July; hello from someone that will be a bigger noob than you soon. Have you joined the Wintermark facebook group? If it’s anything like the Dawnish one you’ll find a lot of super friendly and helpful people that are extremely welcoming (I’ve joined a House through the FB group for example)

Something I found very useful when I was in the same position as you was telling people it was my first time in Anvil. It’s a bit like code for ‘I’m new here, and don’t know what’s going on’. Do come along to the weapons practice on Friday after time in. There will be shouting about it at the moot, come along and get involved if it’s your thing.

Edit: in addition happy to chat by pm

Your first port of call (after weapons practise) is find and chat to your egregore. They will help you get started.
There is also a new player briefing before time on friday. Definitely recommend going to that.

If you are worried about making friends there is a new player group in Wintermark called Wyvern’s Watch. We are currently accepting new members and you would be welcome to join.We’re a friendly bunch and most of us are new so you should fit right in. Let me know if you want to join.

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