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Hello everyone
I am new to larp but have always wanted to do it but dident know where, after watching a video and realising I live right next to empire (like literally 5 minutes) and have never known it was there, I’ve decided to go to empire however I’m a bit stuck on a nation to join I have read through the wiki and wintermark and navar both interest me I love their lore, however I can’t decide between them and was wondering if anyone could offer their stories of their times in their nation.

I am also going by myself so was wondering if there were any groups recruiting or open to show me around, so I’m not a lone wanderer type and can get stuck in to everything.

I also want to camp in IC and I’m building my own tent to save money which will add to my enjoyment.

Help and welcome!

I guess first thing to know is what do you want to do at empire? Do you have any objectives you would like to accomplish both short term and long term? What aspects of empire interest you the most? Have you started to think about a character? If so do they have any particularly traits, interests of their own?

Welcome to the game and the forums :slight_smile:

As Pheonix has said, thinking about what you want from the game may help nudge you in a national direction.

Are you likely to want to join in the quests and battles, as Wintermark and Navarr act pretty differently in those…?

There WILL be lots of groups recruiting. There are (it seems) a lot of new players starting next event, and several new groups starting from scratch, and that’s besides the many extant groups who’ll happy welcome a newbie to show them around. At the absolute worst, you’ll be able to find a contingent willing to share their fire and chat and answer questions.

There are also some meetings and discussions for new players on the Friday. And many threads with useful answers on these forums at the moment, in the New Players section.

Camping IC on the first event? Ambitious. As I’m sure you are aware, you’ll want a pretty sturdy and waterproof tent, with no obvious logos and neon colours. If you’re building it yourself, you’ll know how to pitch and strike it :slight_smile:

On the mechanical plannning aspect, have you booked a ticket yet? I ask as most players have a recruitment code discount they can give out, for a mutual saving.

There are facebook groups for each of the nations, and so when you choose a nation, it might be wise to join it before their camp is planned out for the event. Each nation gets so only much space for IC camping, so being able to flag up your tent (size, shape, features, preferrable location) while things are at the planning stages will earn you more goodwill and a better camping space than not.

I’ve not playing in either Wintermark or Navarr, so I have no stories of them. But I know them to be stuffed full of cheerful and knowledgeable LARPers, who will enthusiastically welcome you!

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Here is my early draft of my costume and back story of my character for Empire.

[early%20darft|375x500] (upload://uCJsnZyiN6gfG6LRz6PS0BlKnph.jpg)

My Name, is Saulous Sebastian I grow up in wintermark, my Father Adrian Sebastian was a warrior and a Changeling from Wintermark He had met my Mother Celia Viola who was a traders women and a Healer also a Changeling from Dawn. They fell in love during a battle with hundreds of orcs after the battle they talked to their respectful leaders about being married with Dawn and Wintermark. But their marriage got cut short because the orcs leader sent a group of orcs to ambush to murder the couple during a hunt for to trade. They got jumped from the orcs before they were going to kill the Animals. They battle the orcs from late night to early the morning. My Father was major injured and he’s crawling on ground he make it to the Wintermark camp. I see him on the ground. I walked to him and I sit next to him he told me about my Mother had died by the hands of the orcs. Soon after he said he dIed in my own arms. So I trained for years before I make My first kill with my sword and find some friends to watch my back from dangers in Empire.
signed Redfighterwider. :smile:


Interesting. So your PC is Wintermarker, with a Dawnish mother. Parents died in an orc ambush, suitably tragic stuff.

Some things from that for your character:

Given that they were both Changelings, are you?

Were they the Jotun Orcs (brutal and aggressive types from the west, recently in a horrific war with the Empire) or the Thule Orcs (sorcerous nasty types from the north, currently at peace with the Empire after decades of fighting with Wintermark)? Either is fine and interesting, but folk will ask.

I’m assuming you’re avoiding putting in place names and a province until you find out more details of what group (if any) you’re joining? The maps on the Empire Wiki can be great for that.

The Imperial Orcs (you may want to look them up on the wiki) were recently given a chunk of Wintermark (The province of Skarskind, reclaimed from the Thule after years of battle) as a new homeland. With a huge grudge against orcs, how do you feel about this?

Because Empire (and most LARPs) are improvised and unscripted, it’s useful to have a few things to talk about ready, and maybe an opinion on something big and recent.

In the next month or three, the Winds of War (and Fortune) will be out for the next event. These are the large-scale news items: battles, invasions, discoveries, as well as local events, controversies, and random strangeness. Keeping an eye out for those and thinking what (if any of it) is relevant to your character can also held to flesh out Saulous Sebastian.

Have you considered joining the Wintermark Facebook group? they will likely give good and more specific advice on backstory and costume.

I’m afraid that the costume photo isn’t coming through.

You might find it easier for yourself to have everything in one place. If you start a new topic then it will make it easier for people to keep tabs on what has been asked and answers given. As currently the same topic of yours is across a number of other topics.

No one is going to complain of a new topic being created by someone else who is seeking advice and assistance. But to make it easier for us all please do consider this.

This is helps the original author keep control of their own answers and quests for knowledge.

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Answering @Kabaz questions, one big thing you should know is Wintermark is the largest nation in Empire. While this isn’t an issue in itself, it does mean you’ll have to try harder to make an impact. Plus smaller nations need some love.

Making your own tent is very brave. Have you made tents before? E1 is renowned for being either wet, cold, or wet and cold. You’ll need a good tent, hypothermia is no joke.

As it’s your first event I’d really advise OC camping first, to check you like it first

Thanks everyone for all the response, and still deciding on a nation then to work a character around, @thresher yes i have made my own tents before many a time, being a scout from a young age camping is in my blood and i’m all prepared for all eventualities it will make it a lot more fun for me, I live 5 minutes away in Brackley I know how cold it gets i used to camp around here growing up in my own built tents xD.

But it is really cool hearing some back story from people, makes me more excited to go :smiley:

I hope we can meet at Empire in future events. Is there anything to change in my pc’s backstory?

signed Redfighterwilder
p.s thanks for all the help mate :smile: :wink:


You may want a little more detail, and I would advise clarifying which bunch of orcs killed your parents. This will give your character a burning desire to go and fight the on skirmishes etc (if it was the Jotun) or a seething impatience with the current peace treaty and relatively stable border (if it was the Thule). Either will give you something to get worked up about and talk to people about, which is always a good start.

Heck, if you want to come and get to know your (characters) mothers people, you can always drop round to Dawn for wine and swordpractice :slight_smile:

Something to remember though, as from pen-and-paper RPGs… what happens in uptime is more important than your backstory. Your backstory is the little push to get you started on the roller coaster of uptime events. So don’t agonise over it too much, and be willing to jump in when you get there.

As you’re coming from Canada, might I reccomend you make it a week and plan to arrive on Thursday? That will give you plenty of time to meet people, put up tents, have an evening of socialising and asking questions, and get ready for the game beginning on Friday evening. Not to mention shopping for extra bits of kit and costume at the traders on site. It’ll also get you some time afterwards to recover :smiley:

Good to hear you’re an experienced camper, had me worried for a moment there.


You are right about I am a an experienced camper and I know how to use a sword in a fight. I practice my swording skills every weekend. If you see me at Empire I am a 6.3 tall man with a good personality and friendly and very kind to others.
signed redfighterwilder

Be aware that to be safe, LARP combat has to be different, so you’ll have to unlearn or suppress some of your habits from real sword-fighting (or use a different weapon where you don’t have dangerous habits already).


Do you think the Dawn people would be nice to me because I am half Dawn and half Wintermark?
I am just wondering if i am in danger with the Dawn?
His two more questions if I meet you in character how and I recognize you? Also whats your in character name.

signed Redfighterwilder

Some of them will possibly like you more than the average citizen, but it’s worth pointing out that culturally, you wouldn’t be half-and-half, because the egregore bond forces you to be either Dawn or Wintermark.

On the other hand, I don’t see them having any problem with you unless you do something to make them unhappy IC like suggesting their armies are terrible.

The only thing I’d look at personally are the names - Celia and Viola both sound very Dawnish, but Dawnish usually take their House (if they’re noble) or their profession (if they’re yeofolk) after their given name.

Your names for your character and your character’s father give me slight pause for thought - they don’t strike me as inherently Wintermark. Saulos personally makes me think of Highguard (as a biblical name), whilst Adrian I can’t directly place. Wintermark names usually draw from Saxon and Finnish, and then take a second name from a parent, their hall or an epithet.

For example, you and your father could be [someone]-ling (of [someone’s] hall), or you could be Adriansen/Celiasdottir, or you could have an epithet ([name] the Vengeful, Fierce [name]).

I wouldn’t say it’s essential to change them, but I think it has the capacity to both make you more iconic and recognisable on the field, and give you and your parents more of a characterisation. In Empire, you can often learn a lot about a character just from their full name!

Firstly: welcome! It’s great to have new players, and living close to the current site is a great bonus for you.

I’ve never played in either nation - my PC was in the Brass Coast - but I’ll say (as other people have) that Wintermark is easily the largest nation, and seems to attract the greatest number of new players. That’s not to say you can’t be in it, but it will likely give you a very different feel for the game.

To speak for Navarr: They are the remnants of a lost Empire, and though they have their own territory, they are something of the lifeblood of the Empire, with many of them travelling all nations to keep a deadly threat at bay. The stereotypical Navarr is a skirmisher sneaking through the woods to stab their enemy in the back. They see life as a Great Dance where everyone has a role to play.

Wintermark, by contrast, is interesting for almost being three nations in one, and draws strength from each component - the brave Steinr, cunning Suaq and wise Kallavesi. The stereotypical Winterfolk charges into battle with a clear head, swinging a blade they made themselves - they see life as a personal journey along one’s skein, the path woven as one makes significant choices in one’s life.


Well done on finding out about it while it’s still there! I lived about 2 miles from a fest LARP for years and only found out about a decade after it moved away!

It’s worth considering that Wintermark is HUGE and growing fast, and a large majority of new players I come across are going into it. I currently play Wintermark and it does have some lovely people, but it’s nice to occasionally see new players considering other nations!

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Thank you :slight_smile: i Have decided to join the navar as I spent so long last night reading through the wiki and they interest me now to costume shop :slight_smile:

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