++New Player Schedule++

Afternoon All.

I’d just like to interrupt The Winds to post the Player Support schedule for Thursday and Friday.

As always everything except the new player skirmish is open to all players. It’s always good to get a refresh or top up or learn a new skill.


8pm – Senate - Social


1pm – Sentinal Gate - Weapons Training
1pm - Military Council Tent - Public Speaking Class

2pm – Hub – New Player Meeting

3pm – Sentinal Gate – Weapons Training
3pm - Hall of Worlds - Intro to the Synod
3pm - Hub - Sign Language Classes

4pm – Skirmish Field – New Player Skirmish

5pm – Hub – New Player Meeting
5pm – Hall of Worlds – Into to Magic
5pm - Academy - sign up for 7pm battle tests

5.45pm - Marches - battle training - organised by players

6pm – Site – Time in

6pm - Academy - sign up for Saturday classes
6pm – Varushka – Varushkan egregores by the central hearth fire
6pm – Navarr – Navarr Egregores in Bitterbark teahouse
6pm – The League – League egregores in The Cicisbeos Corner
6pm - Wintermark – Moot – organised by players

6.30pm - Varushka - Weapons practise - organised by players
6.30pm – Marches – Muster organised by players
6.30/7pm - Wintermark – Battle training – organised by players

7pm - Academy - Academy battle tests
7pm - Navarr – Standing – Organised by players
7pm – Brass Coast – Egregores in New Promise Cartel
7pm – Dawn – Dawnish egregores in Glory Square
7pm – Urizen – Urizen Egregores in Sentinals Repose
7pm – Highguard – Higuard egregores in The Chapel

7.30pm – Marches - Marches egregores in The Mandowlas Arms

8pm – Wintermark – Wintermark egregores in Lumis teahouse


Might I also post the Winds of Fortune regarding when Eternals may be showing up for new players or are interested in that sort of thing [timetable at bottom of wiki page]- https://www.profounddecisions.co.uk/empire-wiki/We've_been_here_forever - apologies if stepping on toes