New player seeking guisers


I’m hoping to attend e1 this year and was wondering if there were any guiser groups/troupes around. As I’m trying to figure out where I will best fit into empire and the guiser archetype is the one I find most interesting. Cheers

Hey, so unfortunately I don’t know of any actual troupes of Guisers. However, since Guisers have traditionally failed to get to critical mass, it’s not that uncommon to see people playing with dramaturgy in mixed cabals. (The League is probably a bit better for pure Dramaturgy)

Depending on what parts of the guising brief really appeals to you there are a number of Houses that are playing with the bits of it, some of which describe themselves as Guisers some don’t. (House Remys, House of Fools, Order of The Gryphon’s Quill, House Vexille) Some of those have their own Cabals, some of which join up with other Houses and take part in large cabals.

If there are any specific bits of the brief which appeal to you I could probably give more targeted advice.

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