New player stuff


Hi, when I go to empire, I will probably need to know where to find people and events, like the egrogore (How do you spell) and the new player event, so can anyone tell me stuff, all help appreciated.


Worry not, they’ll put up a schedule of introduction meetups for new players on Thursday and Friday. Where they’ll go through the rules and useful stuff, plus introduce you to your Egregores.

We’ll post a copy up here along with directions to where stuff is happening closer to the first event.

But failing that if you ask around your nation someone will point you to your Egregore :).


There is also the Hub. It is one of the larger tents and it is usually at the edge of the first field somewhere. You can walk in one side and then out the other. There you will find information about what is going on.

What kinds of things are you looking into doing? Battle is supposed to start at 9:00 am and your nation will usually march to the portal which is on the left hand of the field when you come in from G.O.D. Next to it is the hospital and on the opposite side is Navarr and the Imperial Orcs. There will be skirmishes that happen randomly. You will have to try and catch someone going around asking. It will usually be around your nation’s camp if it is something that you would be allowed to attend.

If you are really lost, just stop the first person you see and if they have any idea of where things are, they will almost certainly point you in the right direction.


When you come to collect your player pack the Games Operation Desk (GOD) staff have maps up and will be happy to help you work out where you are and where you want to be. We also have a board with the new player meeting times as a reminder.

I’ll be the person sat in the corner with the list if you’ve forgotten your player ID and I’ll be happy to direct you too.

If you’re not sure where GOD is ask any of the red capped staff people with hi vis jackets manning the road junctions and they’ll be happy to point it out, but so will most other players, assuming they’re not just freshly arrived on site too.

Get your tent up first if OOC wherever you are directed by the red caps, or check with your camp planner if IC camping and pitch where indicated, and then you can go for a wander. You’ll probably find your next door camping neighbour can help you, if they don’t just take you with them to show you around, larpers are lovely like that!


You may have had to deal with me at my first event, standing there, hardly able to see while trying to get in without knowing the slightest bit out about basically everything. If you did then sorry and thank you. All of the PD staff do an amazing job and are greater heroes than any who take to the field of battle for the empire (sorry if it sounds a bit cheesy).