New Player Team Update E3 2016


This is the Player Support Team pre-event post.

Player Support covers the Egregores, Bards (Three Refrains), New Player Support and Backgrounds. All of these staff members are there to support the player base so please take advantage of them, make them earn their meal tickets! They can help you with everything from question answering to getting involved in plot.

Egregores are based in the nation camps and are nation specific, but you can approach any of them for help. The Bards will, as of this event, have a tent set up in the central area of Anvil as well as spending their time roaming. They are good people to go to for assistance with national music, dance and poetry as well as avid collectors of all sorts of snippets of information, good people to talk to about plot and history that you may be interested in. If they don;t know anything about a subject they can often find something out for you given some time.

As always we will be running a New Player meeting in the Hub (big stripey tent near the middle of the field) at 4pm on Friday. In this we give a brief overview of the field, the game, the rules and suchlike. We’re there to answer questions and be helpful. We have a ref with us for this meeting. We also do an overview of the Winds of War and Fortune (what’s been happening to the Empire recently). Anyone is welcome, new player or not.

Over the event we available at any time to answer questions, chat and give advice. Feel free to come to us to help, there’s a lot we can do for you!

Between events you can contact us via

It can also be worth checking out the Facebook Group Empire LRP: Player Support & New Player Help

Looking forward to seeing you all