New player wishing to join Highguard

Hello. I am planning to come to E3 as my first Empire event and looking at Highguard as a nation. My character would be a Magister from Bastion and I am currently considering taking either Day or Winter magic, with Winter more likely to be my choice. Any advice on how to join covens and what’s available IC?

Also, are there any chapters which are currenlty recruiting and would welcome newbies?

Welcome fellow Highguard! There are several large winter covens in the nation, and we also have a 'magisters meeting ’ every summit where all the mages meet and talk, so you could find a coven to join there.

As for chapters, some recruit online, but a lot (such as my own) prefer to recruit in character at events. I encourage you to walk around the nation, meet the chapters, and see which one fits you best!

Thresher has covered the main points pretty well :slight_smile: There are a couple of Day covens in HG too.

As a ritualist i would avoid spending character points on it until you hit the field and find a coven, that way you can choose the best lore and rituals to fit in like a glove. You can always say you have dabbled with both and are deciding on a speciality?

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And you can spend the points in GOD whenever i should clarify :smiley:

I think I’ll follow your advice about not spending any skillpoints in rituals, I’ ll limit myself to buying magician, winter lore, dedication and insight, so that I will still have 2 points to spend in rituals.
Can a ritual be mastered if i learn it once I am already in th event?
How does the mastering of a ritual work?

Mastering a ritual consists of:

A) Having a spare slot free (or dropping a current ritual for a new one)
B) Going to GOD and saying “Can I master X ritual please?”

Make sure you come by the Magister’s meeting and meet everyone! And come find me in-character, I can introduce you to the other Winter covens.

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I would still avoid spending points on winterlore. Just in case you come across a group that you really gel with but they are a different coven. That way you can go and spend your points on the right lore. Also welcome to Highguard :smile:

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