New player wondering about the battlefield

Hello folks,

new player, that will probably be joining at E2 next year… have injuries and am injury prone so have decided not to join any battles, however was wondering if it is allowed to be on the battlefield, but way in the back, as I was planning to be a Wintermark scop, and was playing around with the idea of a battle poet. What are the rules regarding people on the battlefield that aren’t actually fighting?

Thanks for the help!

You’re not forced to fight if you enter the battlefield, all the Grimnirs barely fight anyone. I think you’ll be fine, however, I wonder whether or not your instrument may be let on - though take what I say with a pinch if salt

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Battlefield bards are absolutely fine! As long as you stay clear of fighting and know the rules for how to indicate you are a non-combatant, you should be OK.

Do note though that if you go into the battle, even as a non-com, you will be expected to monster the other battle (again in a non-com role).

I will add though that there are still several hundred people who don’t go through the gate and fight in the mornings, so there is plenty of scope for roleplay during those times.


Thanks for the info, very much appreciated! :slight_smile:

Yea, I am still deciding about the battle thing, but I still have lots of time to do so.

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I would be very cautious about going off onto a skirmish or pitched battle and not expecting to be involved in combat. It is very easy to get surrounded by monsters and have to fight your way out as a group.
When you say you don’t want to fight do you mean you are physically incapable of being involved in combat or just you would rather not get hit as I can almost guarantee a non-com will be not allowed on the battle for safety reasons by the Refs. If it’s just an aversion then feel free but be prepared to be charged / get hit / have to defend yourself or die as a single charge can be the difference between being surrounded by allies at the back and being overrun. The battles are designed to be a high intensity combat situation and unless your happy . I’m also fairly confident that the non-com rules do not count when on a Skirmish or Battle as it is a “Combat Environment”. For a 100% answer I would strongly suggest emailing PD.

Do they not? That would be good to know.

The non com rules ought to apply everywhere, as someone may become non com part way through a battle. However, the orc masks are notoriously hard to see in, and mistakes would be far more common.

I would agree that going onto the battlefield and hoping to avoid combat is fine, but assuming you will avoid combat is not sensible. Lines break and fray, and orcs can come from anywhere.

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I agree. The Non-com rules do apply everywhere, but its not always apparent and not every one will automatically know what you mean straight away.

If I were to be attacked I could probably defend myself, however I’m not supposed to engage in strenuous activity, so I think I’ll just avoid the battlefield.
Thanks for all the information guys, much appreciated :slight_smile:


I don’t know if your interested in trading, there is a lot of fun to be made in that - if you come to me IC I can give you a loan to start yourself off :slight_smile:

Yea, I was thinking about trading. :slight_smile:
How would I find you IC?

It’ll be easier for me to find, you - I’ll continue the conversation in PM’s

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If you are interested in experiencing the battlefield without getting into combat, I recommend water carrying as a monster! You can do this without risking your character, and it will give you a sense of what battles are like and whether this is a thing you would enjoy as your character.