New player!

Hello wintermark… I am looking to join you for the next event having fallen in love with the style of this nation ect… but have a issue I have just got out hospital I have no gear, I am going to have a small amount of money when I get to the event (around 200ish), Would there be some kind souls at the event that will be able to help kit me up?

Worst case scenario the centre of Anvil is all traders

If you can get base layers before you come, dark trousers without too many obvious modern fittings and some sort of tunic type shirt that will help. Charity shops are your friend if you can manage a trip, and a couple of sets should give you options if the weather isn’t kind (and Anvil’s weather can be just about anything!)

Otherwise you can buy everything in the field pretty much. If you can get there Friday lunch you can be outfitted before time in certainly!

Try Das Shoppe on site, pre loved kit of all varieties, She probably has something that will work, and may save you some pennies too.

Thank you for the advice :slight_smile: I have a basic kit sorted…and It was cheaper than I thought (A kind member of Labyrinthe has offered some his old gear)So now I need advice…Where do I start join a group? Turn up as a outsider? beg hospitality IC?

If you are looking for a group it depends on a number of things. The most important one is your personality. If you feel confident enough turning up and asking around IC, good on you, then it will be a good experience for you and Wintermark is a very friendly place so you will be able to find a group you like who will take you in.

If you are the kind of person who cannot just turn up and make friends like that then there are several ways you can find a group. First things first, are you turning up with some friends. If so then the problem of looking for a group can be negated by making a group with your friends. It means that you can turn up with people you know and have a group you are comfortable with.

Though if you are not turning with a group, you can always ask around before even reaching the field. There is a Wintermark facebook group which is quite active and many of the Halls (both large and small) are on there are will snap up players. I do recommend that you think up a character/personality first. Snapping up a person is possible, but saying what your character is good at will give you a guaranteed way into peoples hearts and halls.

I have put a request to join the FB group (Waiting for it to be accepted)… I have a idea of my character, Very proud and loves to fight… but very loyal and will defend his friends and family above all else

Oh yes, its one of those groups.

Well when you get on post up there asking about it. An extra fighter is always something a group needs especially a Wintermark group needs :wink:

Since you mentioned that you have a limited budget in the thread, it would be sensible to get a weapon on site as soon as you get there. Or if you have one already then mention that as well.

Have you trained with the type of weapons that Empire uses before? If not then it would be sensible to mention that on the facebook post.

I have dual wield swords at my local event (Labyrinthe) Also tried my hand at a bow…Did not go well

Well stay with what you feel comfortable with. No one is forcing you to use a specific type of weapon, but do try to stay within the nations brief. While I think about it, I highly recommend the Empire Wiki, it has enough information on it to drown an elk, but all of it is useful.

One thing that I forgot to mention. There is a very good New Player section on the forum here. Several of the topics address basic things like “bring extra socks” and the like. I recommend having a look on there.

Apart from those suggestion. I hope you have fun.
I look forward to seeing you on the field.

Can’t wait :slight_smile: Ty for your advice :slight_smile:

Hey there zathe.

Not too long ago I asked for welcome at wintermark. The response was staggering.

I was overwhelmed by the returning invites and advice given to me. :slight_smile:

Come look for Bucklund if you want. I’m looking for some people who might be interested in something.