New Players around Wintermark - feel free to come round

Hi all, unsure if this is the right way to do this, but I just wanted to remind new players of Wintermark, or the Empire in general, that if you are new, and around the Wintermark camp that the Wyverns Watch’s Hospitality is there for you. We are proud to say we are a group OC dedicated to helping out new players and making people feel welcomed.

We know how it feels to not belong, having rain pouring down on you and no where to stand under to escape it. So please come round, if you’re nervous just say “I’m new to Anvil” and we are sure to welcome you with open arms.

I know most Wintermark Halls’ have the hospitality rule, but we aim to be a home for all of those who are figuring out where they want to go, and somewhere to hide from the rain and keep warm by the fire. Our Tarp is always open! This is a reminder that this is not a recruitment post (though we are always happy for new members) but more just an offer of IC and OC friendship without any strings attached.

If you have any questions regarding this, or Wintermark customs in general, though I definitely do not know everything, please reply in this thread and I’ll try my best, and if you have experienced our Hospitality and have any criticism or comments on it, I’d love to know because we are always looking at ways to improve it!

Many thanks,

Annabelle (Sneery Watch IC)
Website: Wyverns Watch Wiki



Im looking to come to the event in July (depending on appropriate kit acquisition) and would love to pop in and meet new people. Both IC and OOC. Would it be ok to PM you closed to the next event?



Of course! It’ll be lovely to meet you - if you have any questions I’d love to help. You can PM me on here, or send an email.

Many thanks,

I may just take you up on that in the next few days. its a little daunting with so much to read through, high immersion kit requirements and me unusually playing modern/future larp settings.

Thank you.

I get you, its so much information and honestly when I sit and try to read it, I get very overwhelmed. Pop me a message whenever <3