New Players Group? (CLOSED)

Hi all, my friend and I are both new Empire but we’re very enthusiastic about it all. We’re looking to play Navarr (without burdening you with all the details) and were wondering if there were any other solo players attending (we’re aiming to attend at some point next year) who may be new who would want to form a sort of group (OOC) just to help each other out with ideas and characters etc as well as having a few friendly faces when we actually turn up. So far, we’ve already managed to find one fellow player (also aiming to play Navarr) but we all think it would be cool to get a larger group of us and essentially create our own OOC unofficial ‘steading’ and maybe try to camp together in the OOC camping area when we attend. From my understanding, the OOC camping isn’t grouped by Nation, if that’s the case than we could create a group of new players from all the different nations to help each other out (please correct me if I’m wrong though).

I thought it would be a nice idea as being new is daunting enough and soloing as a new player must be quite an intimidating experience for many even though the community is so lovely. If you’re at all interested then just post a comment or send me a message and we can see where we go from there.

Also, if there are any more experienced players who could suggest whether this idea would be viable or not please let me know. It may be that I’ve just misunderstood the finer details such as the camping arrangements etc and that it wouldn’t be easy to form such a group.

We have made a LINE group chat using the LINE app, if you’re interested in joining please pm me and I’ll happily give you the details. Again we have people from a few different nations and who are planning to attend both this year and next year and who would really like to make a few friend before hand so if you’re at all interested let me know.

The New Player OOC camping zone sounds good, but you’d probably need to run it past the site organisers (Profound Decisions). As far as I can tell, when people turn up for out of character camping, the site marshals direct them into lines in order of arrival, filling up row after row of tents (and associated vehicles) on the OOC campsite. Unless you all arrived together, you’d have trouble camping together.

An alternative would be to arrive on the Thursday evening, where you could probably find each other in a much smaller OOC tent village. This is probably a good idea for a new player anyway, as it allows you to set up camp, have a quiet evening chatting to all the other early players about the game (and the setting and the rules and that cool time when…) and then spend Friday morning shopping at the traders for gear, frothing at each other, and helping out players arriving to set up tents (a good way to meet people, make friends, and find groups). And then it’s along to the new player meeting Friday afternoon, before the game kicks off at 6pm.

Thanks a lot for the advice, I’ll take that on board. I wasn’t aware they had a certain way that they organised the tents so knowing that now is really helpful.

Building on what you said about Thursday, is it much emptier in terms of the number of people there? I was thinking of turning up for the Thursday anyway but if it makes it easier to get into meeting other people I definitely will, I wasn’t sure how much people would want to be bothered when they’re just getting themselves set up and prepared for the next few days.

PD have to set up the OOC tents in a set structure to allow for vehicles to get in and out of the field. It can be really annoying, but it’s probably also the best solution.

As for Thursday, I don’t get there early, so I’m just pulling numbers out of midair, but I’d say that about 1/4 of attendees arrive on Thursday, 1/2 arrive at various points on Friday before time-in, and the rest arrive after time-in, usually Friday evening.

After you’ve got your tents set up and are waiting for time-in, or after dark on Thursday… there’s not really a great deal more to do, so there’s quite a lot of socialising goes on.

I suspect you could get a lot of questions answered, and meet a lot of new people, arriving on Thursday. Any of the regular early campers able to comment on this?

As a timeline for people on the field:

Tuesday night: a handful of crew
Wednesday night: a few more crew, about a quarter of the crew field is filled(maybe half, depends)
Thursday night: Suddenly hundreds of people everywhere! Where did they come from? Dunno, was working.
Friday night: Everyone, ever.

Geoffrey is probably about right. I do on field crewing, but I might ask Gate crew and see when the busy periods are, for giving as reference after this event.

Thursday night socialising is huge. It is probably quieter than Friday/Saturday nights, but not by much. Still lots of singing until three/four AM. But then, I sleep IC, so it is only quiet in the dawn hours.

Good luck with your group, it sounds ace, are you keeping it to just newbies, or inviting a few older hands to act as quick response points? Obviously you can ask all questions here as they come up.


Honestly It was aimed at new players because, personally, I think it can be quite intimidating as a new player and I wanted a way for us all to get to know each other. However, I can’t deny that having a couple of more adept players to answer some of the more in depth questions would be a great help if there was anyone who wanted to do that.

Right now we aren’t a very big group so having a well versed player hasn’t been a particularly big problem although if more people join I may post again to ask if there were more experienced players who would feel like joining to just give a little support.

I’d be happy to join the group for the chat about how to get by when new and to meet people, have some chatting before the event starts, but personally I’ll be sleeping IC if at all possible - still, I’d be happy to join in on the fun outside of that, and with all thing going well I might have another mate coming next year who is also completely unknowledgeable about LARP’ing, so I’m looking forwards to it regardless. Love the idea. Would be happy to join. Personally will be sleeping IC.

Sleeping IC is honestly fine, it was just so people could find a group they could chill with OOC and get help with ideas but also develop IC characters and relationships, for example our Brass Coast player has insisted we must come to the inn she’s working for and stuff like that.

To be added you just need to get LINE app (on your phone)

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I pm’ed you the details so check that out and you should be able to join :slight_smile: