New Site Confirmed!

"We’re delighted to be able to confirm that we are moving to a great new site for all our events next year. The new site is near Honeybourne in Worcestershire, it is considerably bigger than our old site, and it comes with the support of the owner to do everything we could possibly want.

We are in the process of signing a long-term lease for the site and have started the application for planning permission to build everything we need to make an awesome LRP site. Obviously planning permission move marginally faster than a glacier, so nothing will happen quickly, but we’ll continue to use our existing infrastructure (with improvements for the new year) until we get approval to build permanent replacements.

We’re obviously incredibly excited about the new permanent site. This is something we’ve been working to try to achieve for nearly seven years now. Permission to create permanent buildings on the site then will allow us to create something spectacular and give us the foundation to make major improvements to our games. And if we can get suitable planning permission then we can make the site available to the whole hobby when it’s not in use for PD events.

We’ll release more details about the site in the new year when we send out the mailshot."