New Site - Layout Map?

Just wondering when we will get a butchers at the site layout map for the new location?

:smiley: Kazzy

there you go. :smiley:

That’s just the IC camping layout, PD should be releasing one with entrance/exits/toilets/accessible camping space/GOD etc etc in the very near future.

I work with the tools I’m given :wink: but yes that is the IC map only.

Cheers for the pic. Seems a little strange to have the ‘Battle’ field so far away from the ‘Crew’ area. :smiley:

The first pass for the map had the battle and ooc camping fields the other way round. Don’t know why Matt changed them but it’s a deliberate switch.

map of facilities

Link here for above map

The battlefield was moved after the PD guys had seen the site. That field has much more interesting contours and the like, and was a better choice for the battlefield.

How will we get on and off the fields during the event if we need to go shopping at the local supermarkets? Especially if we are in the Quiet Camping area?

If we are using the road around the IC field, won’t this break emersion, and be potentially dangerous?

It’s generally physically possible for people to know that cars and planes exist without having to make jokes about there being dragons every time one goes by.

I’m guessing that PD will go for “no cars in the quiet camp”. That means that all cars will come around the south end of the Battlefield and park up in the main OC camping.

Thus if one wants to go shopping, one exits the IC field stage right, rather than stage left.

There is an entrance to the quiet camping field from the corner of Spernall Lane and Burford Lane. You may be allowed to come and go via that. Then again, you may not.