++New ticketing system ++

Hi Folks,

We’ve just completed a small update to the website so that if you book for an event then it will now send you a booking confirmation email. Attached to that email will be tickets for all the events you’ve just booked for.

For a long time at Empire, we’ve been able to operate the gate just using a list of names of everyone who had booked. This year it quickly became apparent that we are simply too large to keep using that approach. At the first event, we had nearly a thousand people turn up in the space of a few hours and every player had to be painstakingly looked up on a list of names that just kept getting longer and longer. As a result, there were long queues for some players when they arrived.

The new electronic tickets should hopefully resolve these problems, allowing us to process everyone quickly and efficiently through the gate. You can print your ticket out - or just show the gate crew the .pdf of your ticket on your phone. Please make sure you do bring your ticket with you to the event - otherwise, you’ll have to wait in the slow queue while we check your name the slow way against the list.

It’s also a good idea to bring your ticket with you to GOD if you can’t remember your PID, as it will make things quicker when you’re collecting your pack there.

We’ve run a batch job to email out tickets to everyone who has already booked for the last two events of this year. If for any reason you haven’t received the email, then you can download your tickets from your PD account at any time.

Hopefully, the new process will make things a lot quicker on the gate than the old lists we were using in 2019. We hope it will also help reassure new players to Empire. While experienced players are used to having names checked off on the gate, it’s standard practice to get a confirmation email with tickets attached when you book for something the size of Empire.

If you have any questions or experience any problems, just email me at matt@profounddecisions.co.uk with the details.