New to Empire and Larp

Hello there!

I’m just getting back into Larp, I used to do it when I was younger with my parents but stopped. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of things but have a question I’ve not seen much about.

I’m a sailor so unfortunately I won’t be able to attend every event and was wondering if this would affect my character or the like? I think I’ve got my concept already for Dawnish Knight Errant as the Test of Mettle really interested me.

Thanks for the help though


Very few of our group attend EVERY event: it’s quite common I think for people to do 2 or 3 (of the 4) per year. Players whose characters have really vital positions tend to have a bit more expectation that they will attend more frequently, but really there shouldn’t be any issue at all with not coming every event.

I’m no expert on Dawn, but in general if you enjoy the fighting side of the game then you can enjoy that fully on an individual event basis. Missing events won’t make you miss anything or make your character meaningfully weaker than others. As with many aspects of Empire, if you get in with a good group of allies in your nation then they will fill you in on anything you might miss as well!

The other thing I’d add is that PD are absolutely amazing at letting you cancel a booking and transfer the full credit to a future event: so if your work takes you away at short notice you won’t lose money.

One handy thing is you only need to attend 1 event out of Winter/Spring and Summer/Autumn to get your xp points.

There’s also a healthy player event scene running over Winter so you can drop into some of the smaller social events to get more time in playing as your character and in your group or nation.

Can also confirm that PD has a pretty sweet bookings policy :slight_smile:.

I was under the impression that it worked differently, at least that is how it is advertised differently on the wiki

“Players gain one experience point if they attend one or two events in a year
Players gain two experience points if they attend three or four events in a year”

I stand corrected :slight_smile: