New to Empire couple of questions on money and politics

Hey I’ve been to a few small time larp’s but never one as big as Empire and it has certainly peaked my interest. I’ve particularly fallen in love with the idea of the league and a very politically driven character, to do this I plan on amassing a large wealth and ally’s so I have two simple question. 1.How can I make money IC, I’ve seen mention of people selling things like food and have considered trying to run the first proper IC candy store but have no idea the extent to which sugar to that level exists in the world? 2.How is the political scene at the moment is everyone united behind the new empress or is there factions forming? Any response’s would be greatly welcomed and can’t wait to start my Empire adventure soon.

(P.s cheeky third question could a character from the league get away with having the last name of Cromwell?)

Politically you might want to check
There are some things going on with Yael right now, the Empress is also pushing for certain changes in regards to bourse resources and taxation in general. This is not universally loved I don’t think.

Making money IC can be done in several ways, goods and services like candy and massages, or by buying and selling of the IC resources like green iron and weltsilver. As for sugar, I’ve seen people sell cakes and chocolates before, just make sure you avoid modern wrapping.

If you’re joining league that’s my nation aswell. There are a few groups:
Compagnia de Rossi, Gilded horn carta, Crimson Reapers, Holberg Haudagen, Holbucks, Carta Bellamarina, Printers and more.

Cromswell doesn’t sound too leaguey, but it depends on the city and history of the name, you might not originally be from the league. Sarvos has Italian names, Tassato portugese names, Temeschwar eastern european and Holberg german names. Have a look here for details

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Hi Tom, welcome to the game.

There’s enough people selling sweets and cakes that I suspect that sugar in setting is about as easy to get hold of as… as… (frantically mentally searches for the right rarity of commodity) curry powder? Not as easily obtained as in this world, but if you search in the right places and pay out some cash you could get loads of it. Certainly a sweet shop would be an idea. You may want to play an event first to see how it would work out (and maybe arrange some business partners) before building a stall and making sweets :slight_smile:

Every character gets a certain amount of cash anyway (19rings/season). They also have a Personal Resource which brings in extra resources (cash or various magical materials). From these it’s possible to trade up through magic items, enchantments, favours, greater resources (Mithril, Wierwood, and White Granite) up to probably the most expensinve thing to buy at Anvil, an Imperial Bourse seat.

The Anvil services industry is quite lucrative though…

I’m not sure if you could make it that far from a sweet stall, but it’d be a heck of a trip…!

Empress Lisabetta was elected after several years of an empty throne… as a general rule, as far as I know, people are pretty united behind her. The League quite likes her (She’s a League Empress and more competent than the previous League one), the Imperial Orcs like her (she ratified the grant of their new homeland) and following the last event, Dawn rather likes her too (she challenged for and won the Royal Tourney, is now Queen of Dawn, and is perfectly happy to get stuck in to a scrap herself).

Whether or not there are factions building against her… well I don’t know of any, You’ll have to (sigh) find out in play.

As for Cromwell… I dunno, it sounds more Marches…

As for your name:
There is nothing wrong with being born in the marchers and then moving to the League. As with all questions like these (where things are not completely on brief, or unique enough) my answer tends to be “Go For It!!!”. Be unique, its your story to tell, and as such tell it your way. Now, it is different. Different enough that people will comment on it. This is a Good Thingtm . just have a reason for when it is commented on. Most leaguesmen end their names with von, de, di, van… City. So my character is a Von Holburg.

I believe the first IC sweet shop in the Empire was started by Edmundo of Urizen. It was more a travelling affair, but shops with a fixed location need something special to attract people from all over, which is usually only managed by those serving alcohol.

Sweets are a very good way to get into the low tier wealthy of the field, but you will need a plan to get past that if you want to reach the ranks of the truly rich and powerful (through a mixture of getting lucky, leg work and hard-skilled* political abilities).

  • a soft skill is one which you buy using experience points and can use in a comparison with another player (something that doesn’t appear much in Empire), where a hard skill is an ability your OC player has and uses to the advantage of the IC persona, such as being organised, good at mathematics, or silver tongued

Money is hard.

There are 4 levels of wealth.

18 rings to 1 throne.
This is the level of most new players with mines/herb garden/forests ect after selling resources.
This level is hard to do much with. Other than enjoy the event. Its easy to spend as there isnt much else to buy unless you have a target.
1 throne to 4 thrones.
If you can save you profits from a couple of events, you can now start trading propor. Buying mats and mana when opportunity strikes and selling at profit.
4 thrones to 10 thrones.
no you can start looking at the bourse public auctions and start looking at the bourse materials. The prices are volatile and high but the so is the chance for prosperity.
10 thrones+.
now you can start looking at clubbing in for bourse positions, having crafted items out the wazoo. This is the point that having money will let you make more money.

When trading I find having a notebook to jot down who and what you trade, how much and if they are looking for anything and a possible price. That way you can buy cheep and sell high with a better idea for what is needed.

Notebook is a must. Remember your promises, take names of those who people talk about and generally jot down everything that you should remember.

Always go to the Bourse Public auctions. Try to get noticed when you bid (without being an idiot, remember, you want to be taken seriously), but don’t throw your money away.

Go to the Bourse seat auctions and take names, watch who talks to whom, see how alliances come and go. It’s a long game, but if you want to be at the top, know who else is there and what they care about.

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