New to LARP, thinking about Wintermark!

I’m a new player who’s coming to E3 this year (GCSE Exams end just after E2) and I’m planning on being Wintermark! I’ve been to one event with some friends last year but I was Navarr then just so my friends could show me the ropes and stuff for my first event. I’m really drawn to Wintermark and my costume could be adapted to a Steinr Wintermarker so I don’t think any of that would be a problem.

I’m asking about this early so I have lots of time to prepare and get everything ready (Even if it’s extremely early). My character is going to be a Steinr Changeling Artisan Armourer but I also am thinking of joining the militia. If there’s any new player groups or groups that don’t mind my constant asking of questions then I’d really like to join and help out!

My email is is you want to contact me further

P.S I play the cello if people are looking for muscians


I sent you an email, did you receive it ?

Annabelle from the Wyverns Watch

Perhaps you two cellists could work together!

Haha! That’s also me! Thanks though!

Oh! Vigilance fail! Sorry, in my head you were two different people, a Navarri and a Wintermarker, oops!

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It just struck me that we could form a string quartet now, from people I know across four different nations…

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Yeah sorry, I’m in between nations at the moment an can’t decide on one!

Maybe that would be fun

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