New to Larping, Hi!

Hi! I saw you guys this weekend at the Gloucester Larp market, I thought I’d give y’all a whirl. I’ve been wanting to give Larping a go for a while now, I used to play tabletop games and I love playing characters.
I have a question, is it better to show up to an event and get to know people first before making a character or should I just dive right in?
Cheers y’all, hope I seesya soon.

My 2 rings for what it’s worth is that having a group helps, although it is not necessary. But it is an easier in

  • have a look on the wiki see what nation takes your fancy and join the nation facebook group and go from there.

LRPing on your own is by no means impossible but having a group is really helpful both in character and out of character. It makes it easier to stay in character and get a feel for the game.

I’d second what Father Drakov recommends and have a read through the nations to see what resonates most with you, then you have a good place to start fleshing out a character. Have you got any ideas for your yet?

I like the look and feel of the Varushka, I was thinking a Volhov.
I had a play around with the character creator, no idea what I was doing though :neutral_face:
Also looked for the Varushka on Facebook, couldn’t find anything.

Varushkan facebook group:

Really your build is (almost) the least important part of your character. I’d say look at the wiki, come up a broad idea of who you want to be and more importantly what you want to do, read up on that on the wiki, get a feel for what you want and then take skills to reflect that.

So, for example as a volhov:
-You’re a mage, so that means you can poke Conclave politics, read up on the orders and the various positions.
-Volhovs deal with Eternals, read up on the Eternals: do any attract your attention particularly as things you would like to try interacting/dealing with?
-You could also look at the various realms of magic, are there any rituals you think would particularly fit with what you want to do? Note as an individual you’re mostly looking at the lower magnitude rituals.

On top of that are the broader questions:
-Do you want to take to the battlefield?
-Are you dedicated to a Virtue?

and the big question:
-Why would your character have a reason to go out and talk to people and why would other people come and talk to you? There is a lot of fun game out there but it won’t come to you, you have to go out and find it.’

Also, don’t worry too much about getting your skill choice right the first time. If after an event or two you feel like you aren’t enjoying the skills you picked at character creation then the admin team is more than happy to let you move your xp around, since the whole point of the game is to ensure everyone is having a good time.