New to Larping - Looking to join

Hi all, I am very interested into getting into Larping, however, with me living in Blackpool, and not having a car or friends that would be interested in this, I was looking to see if there was anyone close to Blackpool that would be willing to talk to me about everything and look to make friends.

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Feel free to ask all the questions you want on here, we’re all happy to help, and the answers may be useful to others too

As far as transport and the rest, there is a free minibus from the station nearest site so if you can get the train you can get on site, or there might be someone coming from somewhere near, or passing through who would have space for another body!

Thanks, I am looking to find people closer to me as it would be great to get to know them and maybe join their camps and stuff. I didn’t know if many people would see this at all and how I would go about finding people. Any suggestions would be great!

AH! Another Northern-ish!

Myself and one of the partners are both Leeds-Bradford way…whatcha needing help with, LARP wise?

(Said not having been to Empire yet (soon, soon), but have previously LARPed)

Hey, well looking to find fantasy Larping closer if possible, but also as I don’t have a car, wanting to find people close to chat to and befriend to help not being the only person going.

You will find that just about everyone in the Larp world is really friendly, even if sometimes their characters aren’t!!

Turning up with just a few contacts made is absolutely fine, meeting people in a field who will become life long mates is very common!!

Any idea what sort of character you want to play and which nation? Then we can point you at relevant people and your nation egregores (PD staff members whose purpose is to help you have fun).

That’s then where I want to look into things more. I know a bit about it but nothing more. I would need as much help as possible.

As far as I’m aware, there’s not much LARPing (as in big fest style ones) ‘round the Lancashire/West Yorkshire area.

I might, however, be very, very wrong.

If you’re looking for a starting point for Empire, the Wiki is a fantastic rabbit hole of a go.

If you’re looking for a group, I know that my pod is currently getting a Spire set up for play proper and we’re relatively friendly…if not horrendously eccentric.

Yeah, thanks, I am keen to know as much as I can but want to look at making friends that are close enough, but I guess knowing a nation to join and the type of character I want to create.

But please if you are close (to a point) would be good to chat a bit more to help me

As said, I’m Leeds-Bradford based, so relatively close…well, providing Northern Rail’s not a glitchy pain the arse company with delightful bus carriages on rails.

TBH, character and Nation wise, it’s what you’re most comfortable with play style.

From what I’ve been told, Urizen’s got quite a strong footing in the magic game side of things, not so much on the military game side of things…but I’m going with mostly as a) other partner has been playing since E1 this year and wanted to actually build their Spire from 1 person to an actual group, b) it sounds interesting, and c) I get to play with pretty, pretty floaty fabrics for making my kit.

(I also know, that with my character concept and how I usually play, I’m not going to be comfortable with playing any of the other Nations until I’ve got a better grasp on the setting.
…tho’ I do now have like 3 back up characters that are sitting in the wings)

Well I think I best start with the wiki. But with the spire aspect on things. Is this a case of building up a group and then going to see how things are done and such? Do you know if you have to join a nation to start with?

Welcome along BlackpoolViking, to the hobby, the game and these forums!

You will get a fair few folk seeing this, and I believe there are also some channels specifically for arranging lifts etc (link below)

Another plan would be to decide on a nation to play, join THEIR facebook page, and ask on there. I suspect there’s a good few folks from Lancashire coming along to Empire.

In terms of that, I reccomend having a read at the top page or so of each Nation on the wiki, and seeing what jumps out at you. Then if one catches your interest, have a deeper look and see if it looks good. Then fit your character concept into that nation (most concepts will fit into most nations)…

As for LARPing in your area, I believe that Lancaster University had a LARP group or two. I seem to recall a bus or two between Blackpool and Lancaster. May be worth a look? Or indeed, someone else might pipe up with one closer…

We are, as mentioned, happy to help and answer any and all questions. :smiley:

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So, a Spire is a specific thing to Urizen. (Much like the Highguard have their Chapterhouses, the Navarr their Steadings and Stridings, the Dawnish their Families, etc)

All folks from Urizen hail from a Spire, which is a combo town-family unit-research facility style place in setting. My group is playing a trio from the Spire of Ember’s Wake…which is currently open if you choose to swing Urizen

Nation, as far as I’m aware, has to be picked before play

You don’t need to be part of a group to play, you can always join a group in play. I know that the partner who has played created Ember’s Wake as just ‘this is where I’m from, it’s a small Spire, not many of us visit Anvil’

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You definitely need a nation first, it’s the first question on character creation and will affect your costume choice a lot too.

Please don’t feel you need to try and read or absorb the whole of the wiki, we know it’s huge! Can I suggest reading the look and feel pages for each nation first and seeing if you can narrow it down to the ones you might want to play and we’ll be able to give you more pointers then.

Once you have a nation we can suggest possible character ideas if you’re stuck, suggest bits of the recent history that might be worth looking at and point you at either groups that might be recruiting in that nation, or suggest how best to join without a group (There are options for starting on your own and finding a group in play for all nations, Dawnish Questing Knights, Pilgrims or ex army in Highguard, recently bereaved by orcs in almost any nation!).


The groups in each nation are named differently. In each case it is “a group of players with an IC connection, who will likely camp together on the field.”

Highguard = Chapters
Dawn = Houses (or Orders)
Navarr = Stridings or Steadings
Wintermark = Halls
Varushka = Vales
Urizen = Spires
Brass Coast = Families (usually)
Marches = Towns/regions/villages (or Orders)
League = Cartels (or Companies)
Imperial Orcs =… you know, I don’t know,. I’m thinking Companies, maybe Warbands…?

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