New to the UK

Hey there, just wanted to say hello as my work is soon sending me to London from the US for a year and I have a friend that plays in Empire that has told me about it. I’m excited to check it out and do what I can to at least join one of the events while I’m in London. I am an experienced Roleplayer/LARPer/etc of several years, and come from Mythic Adventures LARP in Florida, USA. I love the RPing aspect of most Live Action games, not so much the combat.

I have a couple questions that I am looking to get answered if possible, so I’ll toss them in below.

First off, with Monstering, it says to be wearing an Orc mask from what I am seeing. I wear glasses, and I find wearing masks can be very hard to use. How do people typically work deal with this?

How heavy is combat emphasize in Empire? Could someone play a light to no combat role and have fun? For example I play a character in my local LARP that avoids combat all together, and is very successful and I have a lot of run with the RP.

So with moving to the UK for a year and not being able to bring much with me, I’m worried about not having a Tent and camping gear. This is probably my main worry about coming to the event. I’m not going to have a vehicle to drive there and bring gear so likely going to be taking a train if I do. Any suggestions or advice on this? I could likely get a small tent to go with a nice backpack, but I’m wondering if there are other suggestions.

This is what I have for now, I’ll likely have more. I appreciate the help, thank you!

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Hi and welcome.
I would first suggest finding some froth meets in london and meet some fellows who do empire and can help introduce you. They may be also able to help with the camping and travel side of things (I travel from the other end of the country).

For monstering there are a communal pool of latex masks, some of them have wider eye holes to accommodate glasses but ill let some one who wears weigh in. NOTE, you only MUST monster if you fight the other battle. You can do it anyway if you don’t.

As for combat, You do not need a weapon in anvil (mostly) the setting is both high and low combat. Low in that Anvil (the main field we role play in) has no wandering monsters and a efficient militia and judiciary meaning random stabbings are rare and probably deserved.
High as the combat takes place in other areas of the empire we may appear in an orc encampment and murder every one. Its big hectic, immersive and awesome but very much optional though.

In anvil there are a large number things to be getting on with with out fighting and the game is made to be non com friendly. If you have an idea of nation/s you like the look of join the respective FB groups and ask around also.

Hope these cover your initial questions


Ah very cool, thank you for the information. How would I find a meet up in London for those that play? I would be all up for meeting some more people that are involved.

As for which nation, I’m not sure yet… I’m still working through on that one. My costuming is pretty basic at the moment, a few layers at least, but made for the warmer weather of Florida. I’m likely going to need to augment that a bit. How strict is the group on boots? I have a pair of good basic black boots that I could use, but I don’t think they are perfectly in style, I plan to be getting new ones at some point.

There’s an oft-quoted line about costume finishing at the knees/ankles. Comfort and waterproofing rank well above appearance. “Basic black boots” will be fine.


Note British weather is changeable at best, and the site is clay which means if there has been any rain there will be some to a lot of mud. There is very rarely no mud. Good waterproof, ankle supportive boots are better than any costume options for allowing you to have a good event!

Most of the frothmeets are organised via Facebook and tend to be advertised on the empire lrp page or a quick question on the empire lrp page should get you all the links. Redirecting...

For London:

If you need a lift closer to the time people might offer lifts up (or down).

Otherwise there is a minibus as well that you can get from a train station.



Yeah, they are my old military combat boots and they are great for conditions like that. Thanks for the information!

NP. Depending on when you plan to come down, the first event tends to be the wettest and coldest. Well worth layering up thermals underneath. As for nation costume don’t worry about only having basic kit. Most nations can be represented with some specific clothes, hat and some accessories.

Cheap OC camping equipment is not hard to source in the UK. Larger branches of the big supermarket chains (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda) will stock cheap and cheerful tents, sleeping bags and air/camp beds come spring, aimed at festival goers and weekend campers. It’s not the greatest stuff but it will do you for larp if you pay attention to the basics of sleeping warm (see here for handy tips for all budgets

Argos (big catalogue company, does camping gear), Halfords (car and bike stuff but also do outdoors gear in spring/summer) and Mountain Warehouse (budget outdoors chain) are also worth a look.

Trawling eBay for second-hand gear will score you nicer stuff, as people sell off gear they invested in and now realise they don’t use and can’t store.

If you can join a group or make friends on the field who don’t mind you stashing a discreet bag of stuff in their IC tent, it will save you a lot of trekking back and forth to the OC camping field.

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Awesome, that’s great to know. I was thinking of buying some temp stuff to use if need be. I am also hoping to go to one of the Frothmeets in London to see if I can make some friends. Coming as a loner I know can be a bit rough with a LARP, especially the bigger ones. Thanks again for the info.

As Haystacks says. I’ve been playing since event 4 in 2015 and have never once gone into battle. Doesn’t interest me. There’s plenty of other fun things to do anyway!


Thank you. I do plan to hitting up a frothmeet for sure. I look forward to meeting some people.

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