New to Wintermark

Hello o7
Im going to be going to my first event in September, unfortunately alone. and while making a character theres all these different groups you can join.

Is there any Wintermark groups willing to let a new Steinr changeling man join? and if so what colors do you tend to wear?

I’ll be camping in the ooc area as i couldn’t afford the nice ic ones XD.

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Don’t join a group from the list without getting permission from that group first. Many groups are closed, and others on that list might not even exist anymore. Others may even be criminals!

Best place to ask is on the Wintermark Facebook group.


Good thinking. Thank you.

Welcome along, to the game and the forums!

Some groups may well have spare kit (which for Wintermark might be as little as belt tags, coloured scarfs, etc), but you’re doing the right thing checking for any colour schemes well in advance.

You will likely also get approached by happy Wintermarkers trying to recruit you on here :slight_smile:

Welcome along!

There aren’t really any specific colours other than follow the steinr brief if that’s what you’re playing!

I would wholeheartedly endorse finding a group in the field in character, it’s how you know you’ve got a good fit, I’d steer clear of people trying to recruit you before you hit play unless you already know them.

I’m currently playing WM so if you have any questions about anything feel free to give me a shout by message here!

You’re going to have a whale of a time

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I soft disagree with folks saying you’re always best finding a group in play. If you’re new to LARP, or even experienced with LARPs but new to big LARP events like Empire, getting dropped into the middle of a massive field of people with no idea what to do can be pretty overwhelming, and if you aren’t confident enough to really push yourself forward and talk to people finding a group can be tough.

A better middle ground between finding a group in-play and getting recruited OC is to reach out to some groups (via here, the Wintermark facebook page, etc.) and get some contacts you can pop and chat to once you hit the field. Then you still get to pick a group that works for you after playing a bit, but you get some crucial direction in-game - oh, that’s X, I spoke to them on facebook and they were happy to talk to my fresh new character, so I’ll go chat to them.

On the other hand if you’re confident or at least willing to talk to strangers in-play, then you’ll be fine just wandering in and seeing what sticks!


Hi everyone,
I have a question for you all. Two of my friends are going to joining me for an Empire LARP event in 2020 what is the best advice to give them.

from Redfighterwilder

Have they any experience in LARP, role-playing games, festivals and/or camping? Because those will all be useful.

Point them in the direction of these forums, and we’ll answer* ANY question!

Simple advice?

Have fun
Don’t be afraid to ask stuff.
Don’t overthink things

For the game itself:
Say Yes to everything.
If you’re not having fun, change something
Life’s too short for boring meetings

*Utility of answers not garaunteed

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