Newbie cambion horn questions

hi, i’ve been a long time wannabe and finally after seeing how much fun an internet friend had at the last event, ive decided to start my larp journey.
I will be a cambion and i was wondering if other females used real horns in any way, i can possibly get hold of some real antlers or horns locally or not. are they too heavy for building some sort of head dress? is plastic better? its early days for me and im in no rush (i know i cannot make the next event)
how do you guys fix and wear your horns?

as for the rest of the clothing, im enjoying the journey to bring my charactor to life.

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Hello and welcome :slight_smile:

I understand real horns are heavy and as you’re going to be wearing them all day I recommend plastic or resin ones.

I picked up my resin ones from here: and they also do lighter versions now. If you want bigger horns there’s a bunch of traders who sell them and on places like etsy too.

I also recommend getting some sort of headband to put them on as gluing them to your skin for a weekend isn’t good. You end up having to re glue them several times and I found it started to burn my skin by the end of the weekend.

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ah yes, i was thinking of some sort of head band as i dont want to mess around with glue, i have some sensitive skin issues.
so real horns would get too heavy. ok. im just one that would go for real as a choice first, but i can see there are many realistic nice looking items to be used.

I have seen, in other systems, real horns done well. Something small (similar in scale to the antlers of a muntjack) on a headband, with hair swept over it?

If they’re coming out of you hair, up and over your skull, then you have to worry less about spiking them into things and people.

That’d put any weight over your center of balance instead of hanging off to the side as well.

Have a look at what styles you can find…

ive been sorting out my charactor info and profile. ive completed my nation and identity, but im unsure on what to do with the skills and personal resource options.

can the skills be left non chosen as im unsure untill i probably experience a camp.
can anyone give me guidance on the resources? ive only chosen terratory and forest, i dont know what to do or choose for the rest of that section.
i have never done any rp’ing before so ive no idea whats best. please forgive my ignorance

You do not have to spend all your character points at the start.

Unless you are planning to play an Artisan (maker of magical equipment and doo-dads) there’s no downside to buying skills later.

You get as standard:
The ability to use all sorts of one-handed weapons and armour.

What nation and territory have you decided on?

If you picked Forest as a resource, this will generate 12 ingots of a special resource each downtime (delivered to you in your character pack each event). Exactly which resource you pick (Ambergelt, Iridescent Gloaming, etc) is pretty much irrelevant. They all sell pretty well (although the Gloaming is currently on a price rise due to a plot), so unless you or your group has a need for lots of something (“We need Beggar’s Lye, lots of it, to make X Y and perform ritual Z!”), you can pick whatever.

For your first event, I suspect that Profound Decisions will happily let you pick a different resource for free (and indeed change the skills of your character), and even after that, you can change your character’s resource in play for 2 Crowns (in-game money, not much).

Happy to answer other questions :slight_smile:

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ive chosen miaren and ambergelt forest. :slight_smile:

So, Navarri, in their lovely and Vallorn-free heartland, and the resource you’ll be getting is big chunky deep orange lumps :slight_smile:

Ambergelt is used in several popular enchanted items (I generally use 13 chunks a season), and while not currently being siezed at inflated prices for some great works (ah, the guardian lion made of weltsilver… the road built of iredescent gloaming…), will sell well. Good call.

thanks, im just looking forward to eventually going to a camp, i might be able to catch the final one of this year.