Newbie coming sometime in 2023 - multiple questions (interactive since your answers will define a huge part of my character)

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So as the title says, newbie coming in 2023 but has multiple questions (and let’s be honest, it’s never too early to start planning lol) I’ll post my questions one at a time and your answers will pretty much shape/define my character (which I thought could be a fun aspect, and who doesn’t love abit of interactiveness hehe) - and I’ve tried searching the wiki and these forums but I couldn’t find the answer, but there’s every chance I missed it XD

Soo first question: Camping and set/tent dressing;

In order to camp in the IC area as we all know it’s canvas tents, but what dressing/exterior decor is required, if any? - for example can someone rock a plain bell tent or does the tent need decor such as banners, flags, lights, nation specific stuff etc etc on the outside to be allowed in the IC area?

No exterior decoration is required for the IC field - you very much can rock up with a plain bell tent. Banners and other exterior decoration is nice, especially if you want to be able to point people to your tent, but not mandatory.


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Knave has already given you a solid answer on the tent but for visual reference, you may like this rather buried page of the wiki: Anvil - Empire
There are shots from within a number of nations on the page so you can see how some players have decorated their camps.


Thanks @Knave and @Unslain for the speedy reply :slight_smile:

Now on to clothing (the fun bit hehe), having looked at all the nations on the wiki I’ve decided on the brass coast, simply because I prefer wearing loose fitting clothing in real life, and having footwear options other than boots is nice :ok_hand:

Next is question is, other than what’s already listed in the wiki as inappropriate to wear is there any other big no no’s? - As a possible part of my characters outfit to layer with I was looking at Kurta’s, Thobes, sherwani‘s and shalwar but not certain if they’d come under as being too modern looking or too culturally significant or if it would be safer to start with a silk bath robe and layer on to that?

Also what’s the stance on latex clothing and accessories?, latex is available in a wide range of bright colors and could be suitable for the brass coast color palette especially when polished, if there isn’t a rule against it for say gloves or bicep/wrist straps?

Can’t contribute directly on Brass coast, but a lot will depend son how you wear items, from an outside perspective (I’m Highborn and we camp next to them) layers really help.

Be careful of latex, it is a relatively common allergy, so gloves where you might be touching another person are probably not the best idea.

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Welcome along, to the forums and the game!

I’m afraid I can’t visualise what those costume pieces you’ve mentioned are, any chance of a photo of what you mean?

Re latex: If it’s just a few pieces of trim (as you say, straps or gloves or the like), it’ll probably be fine? About the one place I can see latex in use would be mage armour… where strange and unusual materials are regular.

I’m slightly dubious about it (and as CharlieP noted, there may be the rare allergy issue). You may wish to drop an email to Profound Decisions to check.


Hmm fair point about latex, I’m not sure how common the allergy is, the other stuff I do (not larp) there’s upwards of 500 peoples dressed in it every other week - I’ll skip it just incase though :+1:

PD are very clear that the only no-nos are those they list on the wiki. If you want inside advice on what is most commonly worn or how best to spend your budget, and use facebook then the Empire LRP: Brass Coast group will be the best place to ask.

From outside the nation, I’m sure I’ve seen kurta/kurti worn on the field, while thobes (in suitable colours) and shalwar are both recommended on the wiki. I will say that a full length thobe is going to be an absolute mud-magnet in wet weather though. A lot of long garments get shortened to calf-length, so much so that it has been referred to in character and out as “the Anvil cut”, which you may want to consider.

I don’t recall seeing sherwani worn among the Brass Coast. Being of 19th century origin they are more modern than Empire’s general cut-off (pre-Age of Sail at the latest) and from an aesthetic perspective, they cover up any layers beneath and are not particularly flowing garments. In my purely personal opinion, I wouldn’t suggest investing time or money in getting one but if you have one in suitable colours already, then it’s not inappropriate and with scarves and jewellery over top would still look more brass coast-like as an outfit than any other nation.

As a quick note on footwear, if you want to take part in battles or skirmishes then I strongly suggest good ankle support as the ground is uneven in most places. Whether that’s boots or another solution is down to what works for you. The Anvil fields are pretty uneven too (and prone to mud in wet weather) although you’re less likely to be running/sprinting/fighting there, so having back-up footwear options is something to consider.


Thanks to everyone who’s replied, your advice and help is most appreciated :slight_smile: I’ll share a picture nearer the time, its only fair since I’m sure there’s some curiosity as to how your answers relates to my character’s design

Final question, what’s your favorite color? (not related to color schemes or anything, just in general… for science! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Blue :slight_smile:

Oh and don’t feel you need to use latex rather than things like leather belts, straps or gloves, those are the most practical and easy to find stuff and Freeborn use them on the field all the time. But using stuff like this for mage armour on the battlefield is super cool :).

Remember you’re going to be wearing things mostly for an entire weekend, so plan around that and your comfort. Having options for all kinds of weather is also a pro-tip, you can weatherproof yourself as Freeborn with thermal underlayers also wool cloaks are easy to buy on the field in a bunch of different colours.

Oh yes welcome aboard o/ :slight_smile:


Thanks ^^

I make latex clothing and that’s what gave me the idea really, plus from my extensive looking at every brass coast picture I could find I didn’t see it done and being a slight hipster I like being different but also want to actually follow the brief sooo yeah I’ll figure something out I’m sure - I’ve joined the brass coast Facebook group so I’ll pester those fine folks with my silky colourful ideas :stuck_out_tongue: had a good hunt on eBay earlier and found loads of stuff that could work to layer with, I’m trying to avoid leather as much as I can since it’s somewhat frowned upon, thinking silk sashes with small leather pouches attached and off to one side would look nice around the waist

For gloves I actually had the idea to make an intricate gold chain thing that wraps around my wrist and attaches to a finger, would also mean I could then attach little charms or something to the chain - if that doesn’t work out then I’ll go for leather fingerless gloves with a load of rings

It’s just the upper body clothing I’ve left to decide on, the trousers was the easiest since there’s an abundance of Color’s and styles on eBay and Etsy, tops are proving a challenge since either the cut or the color is wrong most of the time thanks to modern fashion being all skinny fit bs (I blame milenials) , can definitely see me buying a sewing machine and afew patterns n fabrics in the near future haha :joy: - someone made a wiki page with clothing tips for the coast but it’s all links to patterns that apparently no eBay/Etsy seller uses :man_shrugging: Possible niche and gap in the market discovered XD

Bear in mind the costume briefs are to be worked within rather than subverted. Slight variations are ok as long as the overall look stays on-brand for the nation.