Newbie here. Asking stupid questions. Sorry. :p

Hello all! I’m new to this and aiming to be heading your way if I may, though possibly not until later in the year. I’ve introduced myself over in New Players but I thought I’d do the same here and ask probably all the same questions you hear a million times.

How does one join in to the Navarr Nation? Just role up or is there some dangerous rite I must suffer?

I was thinking of bringing my belltent (might still if the missus comes) but as it weighs a bloody ton it seems rather against the theme. As you are based in the woods (or so i have heard. that right?) i was thinking of bringing my hammock or bivvy set up. Would that be acceptable? Encouraged? Does everyone just leave for their tents at 1am and no camping in the woods allowed?

Would i get murdered if i brought my didjeridoo?

oop! I’m an old tabletop player but never larped before. I know a few players and have already driven one of them mad about game mechanics but I thought this might be the place to get the info upfront while i am avoiding doing a risk assessment :slight_smile:

Hope this finds you all well!


I don’t play the navar but as I’m around and your questions pertain to something that I was anxious about when I first played last year, I thought I might shed some light immediately.

The Navarr camp at the event is usually situated in a wooded cove. If you have a belltent I would strongly advise taking it - its not like you will be having to haul it onto the field In Character, and its unlikely anyone will ask if you brought it there yourself. You could always explain it IC as lodgings you hired, or something.

Taking a bivvy or Hammock would suit, but without a secure place to kip, you’re asking to get rained on or frozen. Last year, the April event achieved temperature lows of -10 degrees. It was pretty damn cold! You may be some sort of Bear Grylls mofo for all I know, but personally I would much rather have the security of a bell tent if you’ve got one about. I’d save that for the summer games, where the weather is lovely (well, sort of).

Now, when you arrive at the event, it will automatically be assumed that you’re already part of the navarr nation (I think), but if you wanted to roleplay a formal induction or rite of passage, by all means find a priest or ask around the camp. That would be a great way to get to know some of the stridings and get some good Roleplaying in right off the bat!

I doubt you’d get murdered if you brought your didjeridoo, unless you play it before…oh, about midday. Think of the hangovers, you understand…

I apologise for answering when its not even my nation, but…I know what its like to have these things on your mind and the most daunting thing for my first game was not knowing how all the real life logistics fit in with the massive IC gameplay. I hope this goes some way to answering your questions, and as soon as they’re online I bet the other navarr guys will be all too happy to set you straight on things.

Hey, I’m mike, play Faelan of Foxden, So nice to meet you please feel free to contact me if you want to come join foxden or even just to ask any questions. But I would advise you go round all the navarr camps and find a group you feel is right for your character. But Foxden are friendly easy to locate and love friends.

Its up to you how you join, you could be joining from another nation wishing after hearing tales of the romanticised life of navarr off scouting the wilds in constant danger but in close tight tribal like groups. (Come farce, life is hard for navarr and violent but that’s what comes off sometimes.)
You could have been born navarr or adopted by navarr. Living with differing groups all your life check out the wiki its awesome for giving ideas.

Go for your bell tent others will help you if you ask we are all happy to help each other and trust me having a canvas tent would be extremely helpful. Its security protection from the cold and it looks ic because all of us do have to stay alive and comfortable. So defo bring a bell.

We love music in navarr and you’ll find many singing and playing instruments in time of peace and at night. Inadvisable until come maybe 12 in the afternoon cause people really do have a good time.

Look never worry about scaring anyone off we will always be happy to help any one, all we ask is you respect rule 7. (Don’t take the p***) Enjoy yourself and feel free to approach anyone.

Thanks for asking us and welcome to navarr. The crayon faced murder monkey’s first in the field and well we just don’t care when we leave as long as there is a path to the tavern we’re all good.


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Thank you both! You’ve settled my mind about a good few things. I really do appreciate it.

Believe it or not I’ve been warmer in the bivy than in the bell tent. Its a big blighter and to heat it when you are in there by yourself is almost impossible. I was colder in the tent in may at a festival at -3 than i was at -13 in 80 mph winds on the summit of a mountain. On a side note I am less Bear Gryhlls and more Ray Mears. Camping isn’t camping without a good malt (or terrible brandy more usually :slight_smile:

Another Navarr related stupid question: I’m thinking of trying to earn some coin as an portrait artist. Is that something they (we) would do?

I would not DREAM of playing the didj before noon. As a regular festival goer I have near slaughtered a drumming circle (to rousing cheers from the surrounding tents).

edit: Crayon Faced Murder Monkeys. Dear hell that’s brilliant.

Yep, the bell tent was always hard work to heat if your on your own hence why I prefer a patrol tent or the officer tent of the Victorian period, they are nice but a bivy or a frame are easier to warm. I prefer Ray meself. Bear is a nice bloke I’ve met him once but I really enjoy ray mears work.

We do what we can and we are a practical people whose lives are different in most areas. I make small coin purses for rings which are easy enough to make. We make money in our own way or we don’t just depends what you can do.

Yes still would love to know who come up with that but its awesome.

I’m going to re-answer your questions as well, just to add to the mix.

You can turn up already being a member, or wanting to join the Navarr.
If you want to join the Navarr you would already be a member of another nation
Unless you aren’t, but then shit gets complicated (I imagine).

There are tents in the woods. I would strongly advise bringing a tent of some kind. There is an OC (Out of Character) camping field where you can pitch a normal tent if you have one of those.


Before a started LARPing a few years ago (3? 4? that ballpark) I had only done tabletop. Rules are generally simpler, but that’s because you don’t roll for hitting people etc, you just do it.

Excellent info. Thank you.

Oddly I discovered last night that the mate who was OBVIOUSLY Navarr is not and others I know ARE. They also take their bell tent for use in the trees AND will probably be at my birthday the week before (they bloody better be) :smiley:.

Int life odd eh?

I understand that half of the Navarr camp in the field next to the trees as there isn’t room for everyone in the woods, your bell tent will fit there (among all the others from Navarr :slight_smile:). I always found my bell to be useful as apart from sleeping it gives you somewhere to invite people back to so you can chat out of the wind/rain/sun/whatever.

Unfortunately due to a terrible twist of fate I have found out I know some of them quite well. One might even stoop so low as to call them friends. It seems I now might have to actually go and help out and spend time with them. It’s a horrible business and one I am thoroughly ashamed of.

seriously though. I didn’t know I could have just ASKED THEM all these idiot questions…

I am an idiot.

edit: or they are. Yep. It’s definitely them. IDIOTS

never feel embarrassed to ask any larpers for help we will always be happy to help you because it makes it fun for everyone.

If i’ve taken one thing home from this whole thread it’s the above. Which, i think, says a hell of a lot about the fact you are all good people. Thank you all for your patience, you humour and your help. See you on the Trod :wink: