Newbie here!

So after a lot of procrastinating I’m finally peeking my head out and introducing myself!

Planning to attend the event in July, which will be my first ever LRP. My character will be from Navarr, probably a healer though that isn’t set in stone quite yet, so suggestions welcome! I am also attending solo so any groups willing to have a beginner in the ranks would be great. I’ll also be joining the Facebook group so you should be able to find me there if you’d rather.

Now we get to the stupid questions :wink:

Firstly I’ve read a few things on the wiki and forum that have mentioned IC bartering, just curious as to the rules surrounding this and what generally players use to barter.

Also have a question about kit. The wiki has said Celtic knotwork shouldn’t be used for Navarr and I was wondering if tartan was also on the no go list. I have a few things already that might do for kit but they are tartan so no clue how appropriate they’d actually be.

Oddly enough the only questions I can think of right now, probably be cause its later than I realised. Will be back with more for sure, but now its time for bed I think! Any tips and advice would be wildly appreciated and I’m excited to join you all for the summer!


I’m not that familiar with the Navarr brief, so I’ll hold off on those questions, but as for bartering it could be anything; weapons, cake, your time, a bit of kit, some herbs, a ritual, some mana. It’s common that people will mentally tot up what something is worth in rings before swapping but as long as both parties are happy, why not. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the game, @raonaid, and keep asking questions!

Welcome to Navarr! Been in the nation since the start of the game and really love costuming, so:

Navarr are not Celts. Using tartan to make your Navarr character look Celtic is not really the best idea.

The most important thing about Navarr kit is the colour palette. Seriously. I have seen few more awesome sights costume-wise in LRP than the whole Navarr nation together, a sea of brown and green (with a few highlights of off white and blood red), nobody matching but everyone looking unified. It’s beautiful.

Most tartans have colours in them that aren’t brown or green, so I’d wouldn’t use those. If you can find a solely brown/beige/green tartan and use it as accents, that’s cool. I’d avoid kilts entirely (see above re Celts) but I’ve seen faded brown tartan wraps work, for instance.

BTW, a really good way of making something look suddenly Navarr is to paint thorn/vine or tree patterns on it (or embroider, if you have good sewing skills). Plain old white acrylic paint + brown sleeveless leather/suede/fake leather thing from charity shop → instant cheap Navarr kit win.

And someone will probably tell you your kit must look worn and aged. It can if you want but there’s also nothing stopping your character wearing their best clothes to Anvil even if they spend most of their time on the road :wink:

Hope that’s helpful, and very happy to provide more advice. And when you’re in the field, do call by Bronwen’s Rest Wayhouse for a drink…


Barter wise people use all sorts, you get to chose a resource for your character which can be anything from this list. Some of them like Business of Farm will give you money.

Others like Mines and Forests will give you materials that artisans can use, you get cool phys reps like this

(Ambergelt, Green Iron, Beggars Lye and Tempest Jade)

Fleets can either trade for specific kinds of resources with foreigners and things like money, mana (vital to mages) and liao (vital to priests). Or get random stuff by raiding.

Military Units can either get you money or random resources.

Mana sites will give you Mana, Herb Gardens will give you herbs and a Congregation will give you Liao (plus votes in the Synod but that’s another subject).

All of this stuff has value to someone, so then it’s just a case of walking round the field talking to people and seeing what they will accept for the things you want. Being willing to do the walking round the field and talking to lots of people will get you good trades as some people would rather the trade comes to them :slight_smile:.

Also if you’re an artisan yourself you can trade your time for “stuff” as some of things you can make don’t cost materials, just 2 of the 3 months you get to make things.

Beyond that there’s lots of scope for trading things like art, theatre performance, a song, a massage, a haircut, cake, tea, an evening out with a League Ciccebeo and all sorts for a little coin or whatever you can trade for it. If you have an OOC skill there’s usually a way to make money out of it :slight_smile:.

Navarr Brokers are all about this kind of thing being one of the major trading archetypes in the game, there are a bunch of them in the nation so I’m sure they’ll be willing to give you advice and help you along your way.

The only rules around this is that you can’t forge materials, money or wain certificates. Anything else is basically up to you to make happen, so go have fun :wink:.


Trading is a wonderful pastime if you have a bit of flair for talking to people. I’ve seen some of the best traders in Anvil doing their thing, and their flair is in being able to walk up to someone and start a conversation. If you can do that, then you will have a great time.

As for the Navarr, I am not one, but I am spending more and more time around them. If you’re at all musically inclined, I can definitely suggest bringing a song to sing (or a story to tell) with you, whether learned by heart or written down, the song circles the Navarr have are amazing and very easy to join in.

Thank you everyone! Definitely a lot to think about. I had been looking at the Artisan as I found one of the more unique skills, but it seems like it might be a little difficult to start with?
As for music would a penny whistle me considered okay for navarr? Not an expert by any means but it would be the easiest instrument for me bring that I’m at least decent at. I’ll admit the music is one of the reasons I chose Navarr :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

Artisan is really not difficult, the difficulty is in choosing items to make, because you don’t know what people on the field might want.

But you can choose Artisan, then choose no items (I think, someone might tell me I am wrong, but I know you can change items between games by talking to PD). Talk to people in the field, then learn the items that are most needed by people you want to hang around with. Then gather materials, either yourself or with the aid of people who want the items, charge a few rings (or crowns if you can and you think you’re worth it!) for your time and effort, and you just need to hand in the materials at GOD before time out on Sunday, then you make the items during downtime.

I probably made it sound more complex than it is. But lots of people in GOD are artisans themselves, so they can talk you through it if you have any questions.

Artisan is a lot of points precisely because it is so important to the game. If you want to trade, choosing artisan gives you a HUGE financial leg up.

Feel free to ask specific questions, either via PM or in this thread.

Just to stick my oar in re starting artisans…

If you have already declared your recipies when making the character, you start with some of them. This represents the past work of your character, so you can start with some shiny magic items, made by you!

There’s a few items that can be made which are FREE to make.

I strongly reccomend starting with one of the freebie recipies decided and on your character sheet, even if you go for the (sensible) advice on chatting to people and finding out what they want before deciding on the others. This means that you start out with a magic shiny, which you can trade to people, offer round, try to sell, accept commisions on, and so on.

There is also a facebook group for artisans (Empire LRP Artisans) if you want to ask questions on there.

And welcome to the game :slight_smile:

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That is a very good point. Without choosing items, you’re denying yourself potentially some decent money at game start.

If you decide to go Artisan, I’d suggest asking around the Navarr boards before your first event, so you can choose your items.

If you’re stuck, Apprentice Blade/Warior’s Plate usually do ok on field (someone is usually happy to buy them)

You do still get the free items if you choose recipes at the event - that’s what I did. :slight_smile: You will have to wait in the queue on the day rather than just getting the ribbons in your character pack though. You can always drop an email to PD to make sure that is still the case.

I am a big fan of choosing recipes for stuff that you yourself would wear, especially the free ones. I actually took two free out of my four, and I make them all the time. I kept a free slot and then learned the recipe once I got a feel for what would sell on the field.

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Keeping one or two slots free to pick up contracts around and about is a :+1: idea :slight_smile:.

Also don’t restrict yourself to just your nation, some places will have an inexhaustible want for weapons and armour, but that might mean people wanting stuff like religious items and magic stuff getting ignored.

If you pick a mine or forest you will get 10 materials to start with, so trading that will also set you up for anything up that costs that much and possibly more if you hustle :slight_smile:.

Hi, I play a physick in navarr, and would be happy to talk about what that means - PM me if you want to. I am in the foxden steading. They are very welcoming and helpful to new players.

Do you intend to join in the combat side of the game?

Welcome to the fun! You will never look back…